Sunday, November 24, 2013

Not another excuse, Des!

I don't know what happen to my knitting& crochet activity, except that I haven't do it for a long time.
when I was at work, I thought that it would be fun to crochet something instead of clicking the mouse.  But when I'm not at work, I don't knit too.
my new boarding house now have a TV with subscribed TV cable, I now could knit while watching Walking Dead. but:
1. The mosquitos love watching TV too.
2.  The TV is so old, everytime the walkers appeared, the TV turns dark.  (I'm old enough to watch gory stuff!).  Watching FOX Channel in HD is also useless, cause the problem is with the TV.
so I gave up on watching The Walking Dead *sigh.

Although I didn't pay for the AC, my room now is cooler than my last room, it's quite comfortable to knit inside the room.  but I don't.  I have a new toy named iPad. Before I got one, I thought, it would be easier for me to knit while looking at the pattern on my iPad.  yes, it's easier to look for a pattern, as well as a lot of application.  Long time before I'm a knitter, I was a gamer.  
I feel bad for the abandoned and unfinished amigurumi.... but I can't stop myself from playing games.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nova Ladies Fair near the Hellofest

So I spent my last weekend at Hellofest.  Before I went to Hellofest, at the Senayan's Swimming Pool,  I went to Nova Ladies Fair 2013, which was held nearby.

Nearby. as in you see on google map, that it's in the same area.  that Google Map only show you the big area called "Senayan" and "Gelora Bung Karno".  There's no map on "Plaza Barat Senayan" (east Senayan Plaza) and "Komplek kolam Renang Senayan" (Swimming Pool Area).
Just so you know, Senayan is where the professional athletes do their training.  There are soccer field, tennis hall, running track.  what was said as nearby is about an hour of walking.  I spent the rest of the day at Hellofest Senayan.  not to mention I almost lost when I was going back home.  I was tired, sleep deprived, not familiar with the area, bad eyesight, the area was dark, my phone's battery was on its last bar, I was alone and.... there are no public transportation.   Luckily, after walk about 10-15 minutes, there was a taxi.

I was so tired that I decided to stay at home the next day, and not attending the closing ceremony of Hellofest.   It's not that I hate to walk to the venue again, I just scared to going home from the venue later at night.  what if there's no taxi?

however... Back to the Nova Ladies Fair, I met some of my knitting buddies, and....
Do you see what I see?

Yes, it's the kuda lumping amigurumi, hanging out with the other amigurumi made by Hanna.  Oh and that's Mbak Oty :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hellofest 9 sebentar lagiii

Jangan lupa yaaa....
datang ke Hellofest 9

ada film stop motion 8 detik karyaku yang jadi salah satu finalis, 
judulnya "Simalakama"

dan juga "Lulu" yang masuk final kategori animasi

datang dan vote karyaku ya ;)
*ngga vote juga ngga apa-apa sih, ada banyak yang bisa dilihat di sana, ga nyesel deh.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

NomNom's Story

I was participating on a short animation idea competition held by BIAF (Baros Animation Festival).  So I made a story, design character, storyboard, and of course the concept of an animation.  The theme was deforestation and reforestation.
The character for my animation named NomNom, a monster who lives in the forest and eat everything. He can eat as much as he can, and once he started, he can't stop before everything is gone.

NomNom the Monster

NomNom and The Forest.

NomNom and the trophy

yup.. We won the first prize :)

by the way before the competition ended, this doll kinda freaked me out.  that day I was so tired, and I thought this doll was moving on its own.  creepy.  But I think now that he got the trophy, he is happy and won't scare me again.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Remember Lulu?

remember Lulu and The Sheeps?

I made an animation about Lulu and the sheep at 2011.  If you read my zuperdzigh blog, then you can watch the animation there. Or you can also go to Hellofest 9 at Jakarta this year, cause Lulu is one of the animations which will be screened on the final round :)
Lulu is a 2D animation inspired by the amigurumi dolls.  so, yes it's a 2D not a stop motion though I really want to make a stop motion using my amigurumi.
and I made it!  I made a very short stop motion using my amigurumi.  I never published it anywhere else. So, don't miss it.  Only on Hellofest 9,  you can watch my first ever stop motion.  The title is "Simalakama" and it's one of the finalist for the 8 seconds movie category.

You can find more info about Hellofest by clicking this picture below.

or just visit

see you at Hellofest 9 ;)

Monday, October 7, 2013


After the very exciting September, now it's October!  Giveaway time!!!!
this time I will giveaway one Book for one lucky winner.
all you need to do is to leave a comment below this post and mention your favorite amigurumi or favorite post from this blog.  Don't forget to leave an e-mail address so I can contact you when you win.

This time I'm really sorry that only participant with Indonesian address may join this giveaway.
this contest will be closed at October 20th, and I will announce the winner at October 22nd :)

update:  The Contest Closed!
and the winners are :
1. Dweedy (cause she's the first one to participate)
2. DuniaFannie (cause she almost or always join every giveaway I made)
3. Novyalfee (cause my middle name is Tri for the third)
4. Ratnamanikpratiwi (cause she likes ballerina dentata)

the greatest thing of being the contest holder is I could change the rule.  One winner?  I'll pick four! If I could, I wanna be like Oprah, giving every participant free book, but I only have 4.  so, Sorry, better luck next time, thanks for participating.  Don't worry, there will be another giveaway anytime soon :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Book lagiiii, My Book lagiii

*it's a pun from a popular dangdut song.

TADAAAA! finally, I found my book! My first second book ever!  The first one is a comic book :p

ugly picture?  Don't worry, you'll get a half page of my picture inside this book :D

I'm the one writing this book but I didn't have the book yet.  this one on the picture is my dad's book.
oh it's a long story which began at early 2012, and I changed 3 laptop during the writing process.
it's pain in the "ass" (if you put your wallet in the back pocket of your pants).  But I'm glad it's finished.
so you know one of the reason I kinda neglected this blog for a very long time.

I just realize that it's not for a beginner since there's no basic tutorial. but you'll get some patterns (with diagram and explanation) and a lot of stories inside. it's in Bahasa Indonesia, by the way.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My iPad Case

I haven't did a crochet/ knitting project for too long.  I wanted to make an amigurumi but to refreshed my crochet skill, I'd like to try a more simple  project.
like trying some new crochet pattern.  So I browse my pinterest, looking at some pins I collected few months ago and found "larksfoot" pattern. 
and I thought making an iPad case using this pattern could be an interesting project.
the plan was to make a case full of larksfoot pattern, but later I add a face. so it's an amigurumi iPad case.

oh and by the way, it's called an iPad case, at least I designed an iPad case, but I actually have neither iPad or tablet yet. so it's actually a notebook case.
literally a notebook case :)

thanks, Lisa, for taking the pictures :p

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Book is Available Now! Perhaps

YAY! Finally, you can find my book at local bookstore (or local online bookstore). if you were lucky.

it's true I have written a crochet book. it has been published.  I never had the book. I never seen the book.  I did remember typing the whole content of the book.  and during the making, I change the laptop 3 times.  so it's the most expensive book I ever write and it's invisible.

so let's have an imaginary book giveaway :)

if you find a crochet book with my name on it (Dessy something... I don't even remember how I wrote my name in the book).  then yeah, that could be my book.

Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm moving ... again ... maybe

I'm living in a boarding house/ homestay, and the landlord sold the house.
so I'm moving again. maybe.
They said they will let me stay till november, but who knows?
I've been complaining a lot that I can't knit in my room, but this room has been my home for the last 22 months, of course I'm sad that I have to leave my home.
before this boarding house, I have been moving from one house to another house, from France to Indonesia, from Bandung to Jakarta. it's never easy to leave a place.
Not easy because I have to pack the small stuff, throwing useless things, picking which one to bring.
I haven't get a new place, but it has been a big dilemma when I was packing the yarns.

I might not having enough space to stack my yarns in my new room, but it would be ridiculous to live far from home without knitting/ crocheting.  And I love making amigurumis, means I need various color of yarns.  so wish me luck so I can find a wide space, cozy and affordable room.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Office Group Photo

Bob the manager gathering the team and grab the camera.
"Hey, let's do a group photo"

"camera set!  1..2..3... Cheese!"

Jim from finance: "why do we take a picture with the headset, why don't we take it at the keyboard or any office things?"
Nancy the secretary : "Yeah, instead of an office, this headset make us looked like we are inside a..."

George the err..staff : "... a wrestling area?"

 the Lucha Libre who suddenly appeared: "ARE YOU READY TO RRRRRRRUMBLE?!!!"

The original plan was to make this set of amigurumis as a Harlem Shake stop motion. I made it during the Harlem Shake fever few months ago, but I never finished it because of a sudden change of schedule.  and as time goes by, the boom is over.  I have no longer want to continue this harlem shake project.
by the way I really love Lucha Libre costume, that's why it's the first thing I planed to make for the harlem shake :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hello October Octopus!

it's august by the way. I just wanna make a catchy title for my newest octopus amigurumi.  I made this octopus for my BFF, Gita, as birthday present.  Octoper (october Octopus) was supposed to be July Octopus, but I just finished it at August. since we lived at different city, I could only meet her during holiday.
I think I made octopus amigurumi several time, just like the frog amigurumi.  Maybe because both of them tasted good (?)
a photo session at the boarding house before the holiday. I can't find a better background here.

and another photo session at home, during the holiday. so green and Happy. see how different?

and this is the octoper with Gita and Me.  photo by Gita

before the holiday, I have multiple deadlines, mostly animation projects, so knitting this Octoper after hours of clicking mouse marathon was...stupid. I can't move any fingers after the last stitch. But I'm glad I could finish it right before the holiday.
thanks to @tjikini for all the caffeine during fasting month.  More deadlines means more coffee, that's the logic.
Tjikini is one of my favorite coffee shop, you should try it if you visit Jakarta. beside coffee, Tjikini also serve Sarsaparilla (the traditional "Tjap Badak" Sarsaparilla).  numerous of stranger ask me where to get Sarsaparilla in Jakarta, now you know the answer.

Monday, July 22, 2013

the "I'm alive and well but not uploading anything" post

as the title said, I'm alive and well but not uploading anything.
I'm working on some animations on the same time.
I'm not that busy, cause I still have plenty of time to read web comics and playing PSP.

but, I don't watch TV or videos, that's why I haven't start any yarn project.
there are many unfinished project, but I have to put the animation projects first at least til August.

Have a nice day :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Ice Cream Hair Boy

When I was designing character for my animation, I googled "Male hairstyle 2013" and what's appear on my screen were Ice Creams!  Not real ice cream, but Ice cream shaped hair.  What so called "pompadour style".  Elvis' hair were also in pompadour style but this 2013 are somehow looked more like Ice cream or in extreme cases,  like poop hershey's chocolate

I'm not into fashion and I rarely go out but now it makes sense!  No wonder I met a lot of ice cream hair men, so it's the hair trend today!

this is Sarjito, the character from my animation
(I don't know where I got the name)
his hair is in less extreme pompadour style

and this is the ice cream boy

with a nanoblock dog <3 p="">

some "fashion photo session"

adding a "me against the world" mood

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meet Hiro the Dog

So... I've been neglected my amigurumi and my blog for a while,
one of the reason is because I was making animation.
I love making animation as much as making amigurumi.
When I spent my 2012 making a lot of amigurumi while not making animation, I felt guilty.
And when I spent the last month trying making animation and not making amigurumi, I feel guilty as much.

so I kept in my mind that I would make amigurumi right after the animation done... and now...
Meet Hiro, the dog :)

the fun part of making this amigurumi is adding the rivets on the colar.  The dog need some blings :)

The visual model for Hiro is Kupir, one of my dog.  And since I have the real dog, you can have Hiro.
Yup! Yup!  I'm givingaway this Hiro amigurumi for one lucky winner, anyone can participate as long as you have a real address.  this is how:

1. Watch the animation: Hiro My Hero
2. Give a name to the character at the tree (cause I will use her/him on my next animation), write it on the comment below this post before July 13 2013.
I will choose the winner based on the unique name and I will announce the winner at July 14 on this blog.
3. that's all (of course leave an e-mail address or some way to contact you if you win this amigurumi)

thanks a lot. :*

Update 24 July: The giveaway closed!  thanks for participating, the winner is Andreas... congratulation :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Luwak's Business

if animal were doing business, I bet Luwak would be the richest animal.  This animal produce money from their excrement and it's serious money.  Human do buy coffee which were extracted from their excrement and the coffee is ridiculously expensive. it is said that kopi luwak (civet coffee) has unique and rich flavor.  it's a must try coffee for coffee lover.  (read the wikipedia)

 "wake up and smell my sh*t!"

"money don't fall from the sky, it's from my feces"

I'm having trouble designing this Luwak amigurumi because of the main color is brown with a shade of grey. There's no yarn with that shade, there are just brown or just grey.  So I pick brown cause if I make it grey it would looked more like a raccoon than a Luwak.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Laziness Disguised as Creativity Block

No new picture since.... since I remember.
And I haven't knit nor crochet since.... since I remember.

at first I was busy doing many thing else, and now I'm just lazy having a creativity block.
I have some amigurumi picture that I haven't share because there's no picture.
wait.. I meant, I have some amigurumis but I haven't share the pictures cause I haven't take the picture.
There were a pair of amigurumis, I didn't have the time to take the picture, and now they are with my sister, who now live far away from me.
and there's a set of amigurumis that I haven't finish, I will never finish the set, and I haven't took any picture of them. they are somewhere in my messy room.  I'm too lazy to find them.

okay... gotta stop writing now and get back to my sketchbook and designing some amigurumi. for real.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hi June!

almost a half of the 2013 has passed
I think I'm not as active as the past years, maybe because I'm getting older busy.
Again, I can't promise any update any soon.  My time is fully occupied by some personal project.
it's almost the fasting month for the moslems (starting July), which means I need to save money, by doing part time jobs.

During fasting month, I can't have lunch at the usual place cause it would be closed during the day which means I have to pay more for lunch.
and just forget about dinner, I also unable to buy food from the usual place cause it would be crowded.
and since it will be a holiday season in Indonesia, the prices are high.
Well of course because of the holiday, there would be a special bonus from the office.
But the worst thing is, I won't get it. Cause it's not my holiday.  I will receive my bonus at Christmas.  So it would be hard for me.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Say Hi to Pinkong!

After I made the first big orangutan, I thought of making my own orangutan.  Well it's no longer the traditional orangutan cause it has to be Pink.
So I'm using the free yarn from @RajutanMama , I have started crochet this pink orangutan since March.
I even brought it along during my trip. From Jakarta to Solo (by Train) and then Solo to Jakarta.
then left it for a while because I'm out of yarn.

then continued finishing it again, I brought it along in my trip from Jakarta to Malang and to Jakarta again. I thought I would finish it by the time I arrived in Malang, so I can took picture with her at the Batu Secret Zoo and Prigen Safari Park but I wrong.

I brought it along to my work everyday, which was silly, cause I don't crochet/ knit during workhours.
I just brought it along wherever I go, and I tried to finish it whenever I have time to finish it.  
And I just finish it, a few hours ago while waiting for the Job interview.  Stress crocheting, you called it.

I name her Pinkong (Pink - Kingkong), cause she's not really an orangutan.  When I was working on her, people kept asking, "What orangutan? but it's Pink and Black!"

Finally, we could snap a picture of us together today :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

btw, I'm selling my amigurumis

Last week (or is it two weeks ago?) I had a vacation.
When I was going to pack my stuff, I found my bag full of amigurumis.
which was later becoming a reason why I become so lazy in updating this blog.
the other reasons are because I'm having some deadlines, and I'm currently applying for a new job.  wish me luck, so I can get back finishing my amigurumi soon ;)

Meanwhile, I didn't participate on any offline bazaar this year, so I sale the amigurumi via twitter and facebook.  so please do check my twitter: @dessytab :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's join the Kartini's Day Parade

Kartini is the pioneer of woman rights in Indonesia.
She was not the only emancipation heroine, but we celebrate Kartini's birthday as the emancipation day at April 21 every year.
Kartini who was born in an aristocratic family, founded a school for girls, at that time it was uncommon for girls to get formal education.
by the way, that time the learning method was the student write the lesson on their personal chalkboard, read it over and over until they remember, then erased it.  it looks like using iPad or tablet without memory :p
Back to Kartini's Day, at Kartini's Day the children usually wear traditional costume, complete with hairdoos (and the make ups).  I still don't know what the corellation between woman emancipation with traditional costume, but it's a tradition and it's fun (except for children, maybe).

This year,  @rajutanmama will hold a one day workshop with various knitting and crochet workshop.   it will be held at  28 April 2013 at Learning Lounge, Plasa Semanggi.

mark the date: 28 April 2013

one of the workshop material is amigurumi (with me as the instructor).  it's Kartini's Day so we will make Kartini amigurumi - finger puppet.  it's very simple, and easy to modify once you learn the basic, so we will have a tiny Kartini parade :)

You knew the ABCs, now let's learn crocheting amigurumi :)

This one is my Kartini finger puppet with a tiny hair bun, come make your own version and let's have a parade :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih

Bawang Merah  and Bawang Putih

Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih were the hottest issue in Indonesia.  that was last month (or last couple months?).
I wanted to cover hot issue, making amigurumi of that when the issue were still fresh, but I had this severe laziness and too many excuses.  And making amigurumi based on actual news is tiring.
Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih were the hot topic because the prices are ridiculously high since the last couple months.  Who doesn't know the importance of Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih?  Even me who never cook, knew that Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih are the crucial ingredient for Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and many other Indonesian food.

quick bahasa (Indonesian language) lessons:

Garlic in bahasa is Bawang Putih (white bawang)
Shallot in bahasa is Bawang Merah (red bawang)
Onion in bahasa is Bawang Bombay (bawang from Bombay)

Bawang Merah, the bully

Maybe because we use Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih everyday, the names are used for a folktales.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dear Readers

Sorry for not updating this blog for a while.  I have few reasons:

  • Last month I  have prepared some amigurumis, but I'm out of yarn, so I can't finish it. I still haven't reorder the yarn.  The other amigurumis still need a lot of parts to complete, it's complicated.
  •  it's getting close to my sister's wedding day, unlike when we were preparing my brother's wedding, this time I don't do stress-knittting, it's too stressful that I don't knit at all.
  • I just got a new macbook (yay).  I installed Happy Street, a casual game which took most of my time in front of the screen. yes, stupid me got addicted to casual game. again.
  • If I'm away from the macbook, I still have no time to use my knitting needle because I would be playing PSP (Playstation Portable).  My little sister having a graduation exam this month, so as a wise older sister, I borrowed her PSP (and play it).
  • If I'm away from keyboard and the PSP need to be recharged, then there's a 10% chance that I would finally knit or crochet something while watching some Kung Fu movies.  If I have no more Kung Fu movies, there would be no guarantee that I would knit at all.
  • I'm currently looking for a new job too. Hire meeeee :D
  • Yesterday the editor called me, so yeah suddenly I have a deadline.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Astérix ét Obélix au service du sa majesté

Astérix et Obélix

Astérix et Obélix

Astérix et Obélix

I specially made this amigurumis to join The Francophonié Photo Contest.  The theme was "comme au cinema". and I pick Astérix et Obélix cause they are my favorite comic hero from the 2012 France Movie Festival. 
I spent a whole month doing nothing else but knitting afterwork and during the weekend just to finish this amigurumis.  So it's really heartbreaking when I knew that I lost.  I admit that the photograph is nothing special and I knew I didn't deserve to win (who am I kidding, I'm an amateur photographer!).  But once again, I spent a whole month, damm*t !  That stripped pants was killing my hands, but I'm glad it's done perfectly. Except.... the world didn't see them :(

I lost so many competitions but this one is terribly devastating, cause I kinda hope I could visit my birthplace (the first prize was a trip to France).  Maybe not today.  Someday, I hope I will be able to visit France with my own effort.

by the way I really need that French language course, since it's a shame for me to be born in France but unable to speak French anymore :((