Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Ice Cream Hair Boy

When I was designing character for my animation, I googled "Male hairstyle 2013" and what's appear on my screen were Ice Creams!  Not real ice cream, but Ice cream shaped hair.  What so called "pompadour style".  Elvis' hair were also in pompadour style but this 2013 are somehow looked more like Ice cream or in extreme cases,  like poop hershey's chocolate

I'm not into fashion and I rarely go out but now it makes sense!  No wonder I met a lot of ice cream hair men, so it's the hair trend today!

this is Sarjito, the character from my animation
(I don't know where I got the name)
his hair is in less extreme pompadour style

and this is the ice cream boy

with a nanoblock dog <3 p="">

some "fashion photo session"

adding a "me against the world" mood

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  1. LOL - First - love your ice cream boy :) and then that you played with him in different photo shoots and moods :). That made my day! :) Nice job! Best, Dawn