Custom Made Amigurumi?

two basic rules:

First, you may request any kind of amigurumi, but you may not order any kind of custom design amigurumi.

because I love to draw (FYI, I'm a designer) but I can't imitate others' drawings.
most of my amigurumi started from sketches I draw, and it's never exactly 100% as the sketches,
and I can't make amigurumi if I can't even draw the design.

as an example, you may request a red bird shape amigurumi, but you may not order an angry bird amigurumi, and of course the design is up to me :)

Second, limited quota.
I don't like making same amigurumi over and over again.
if I could, I would give every amigurumi only 1 arm and 1 leg. Cause, really, I hate repetition.
I work alone, and I'm not looking forward to hire somebody else to do my job.
I'm a lazy perfectionist, I won't allow anybody doing my work :)

Update April 22nd 2014: due to the animation projects I am working on, I'm currently unavailable for custom order.
the working schedule is up till the end of July, but who knows what happen next.

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