Friday, October 30, 2015

Safety Eye' Washer Tutorial

My little sister has a stuffed toy project and she bought a pair of big safety eyes.
Similar to the ones I used for my amigurumis, only bigger and they don't come with washer.
Washer is the plastic you put behind the safety eye.

Safety eyes with washers

I googled "install safety eyes without washer" and the solution is to use glue.
So I decided to try my own way. Making the washer using bottle cap.

All you need is bottle cap, nail and hammer.
Make the hole at the bottle cap, it doesn't have to be neat, just make sure it's not to wide or to tight for the safety eyes.


You can cut the side of the bottle cap, but it's not necessary.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow is Halloween, but as usual, we Indonesian don't celebrate Halloween, but there are a lot of Halloween parties.

anyway, this post is not about Halloween.

As you may already know from the news, Indonesia currently facing a fire forest crisis. My knitting friend, Dydy, decided to help by selling one of her newest amigurumi pattern the Fire Flames. the profit will be donated for the fire and haze cause.

you may find the pattern on ravelry or on craftsy.

 Fire Flames amigurumi by Dydy

I think the fire flames are really cute, if only I didn't have the animation project I would make it right now.    By the way, if you check on Dydy's ravelry, she also designed adorable cat amigurumis.

Meanwhile, if you are living in Indonesia, you like making amigurumi, and currently looking for a new place for your amigurumi, how about giving them to the children with cancer?  Poyeng is collecting 100 amigurumis for the young cancer patient. the deadline is 5 January 2016. There are still a lot of time to join this good cause, so please join :)