Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Forgotten Rhino

before, I wrote about orangutan, bekantan, komodo, an sumatran tiger.
How could I missed the Javan Rhino (Rhinoceros sondaicus)?
I live in Java, precisely West Java which used to be the same province as Ujung Kulon, where the Javan Rhino live.
There's a live sized Rhino statue standing across the road in front of my High School.
 How could I missed the Rhino?

the live sized Rhino statue at the city hall

Thanks to Pikiran Rakyat (a local newspaper) which wrote articles about this endangered animal, now I have no reason not to make a post about Rhino.
based on the article, there's only about 50-60 Javanese Rhino left on Earth, which makes the Rhino as the rarest mammals. 
The same species used to lived at Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar too, but now they only lived at Ujung Kulon.
Javan Rhino has only one horn, but some female rhinos don't have any horns at all.

rhino is a solitary animal, and it needs a very wide  habitat

Their extinction maybe just a matter of time because their habitat were turned into farms and there also illegal hunting for their ivory.
there are some disagreement and controversy between the government, the local residence, and the wild life conservatory organization about the solution to protect the Rhino habitat.

it's hard to design this doll, cause I failed at drawing the real style Rhino,
I can't crochet things I can't even draw using pencil.

So I don't know how to help the Rhino, all I can do is making a Rhino doll and write about it.  Probably by spreading the words, we could later found a better solutions for the Rhino. if you have more information about how to help the Rhino, please do tell me, so I can help spreading the information via this blog.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

another froggy day

I never bored of this creature.
a few years ago, I found a frog doll at a gift store,
a white frog in sweater.
I kinda regret that I can't buy it that time, cause I didn't have money back then.
this frog is not based on that frog, the shape is completely different, but reminded me of that doll.
I was planning on making this frog for my sister's birthday, but I messed up with the yarn combination.
You can't see it at the pictures, the back part is very messy :p

my favorite froggy day: laying at the bushes
watching the fish, too bad Frog eat insect, not fish
admiring the flower...
...while you are admiring my forehead (I do look cute in bird's eye view)
and singing a Frog song to welcome the rain

Free pattern: Teru Teru Bozu

in Indonesia, when you are going to held an outdoor event, it's common to specially hire a person to prevent the rain.
it can not be just any guy, you need a person who has power to control the rain, a pawang hujan.
even if it's raining everywhere, the place with a pawang hujan is completely dry.
Some says that as long as the pawang hujan not having contact with water, it won't be raining at all. 
whether it's true or not, I really don't know about it.

while hiring Pawang Hujan requires money, Japanese kid have Teru Teru Bozu to prevent the rain, which is a lot cheaper.
Both ways don't have any guarantee in keeping the rain away, but it would be fun to make a cute Teru Teru Bozu than just sitting and hoping it wouldn't be raining.
so, just in case you want to make Teru Teru Bozu in amigurumi style, here's my pattern.
feel free to use it, and if you are going to share it please link it back to this post :)
and I would love to see the result, if you tried this pattern :)

you might need to zoom this picture for better view

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teru Teru Bozu

I love the rain, I love singing in the rain.
(especially because when it's rain, people won't notice how "good" my voice is)

Tho I'm having fun during the wet season, less dust, no allergies,
there might be some days that I wish it wouldn't be raining at all.
thanks to the Teru Teru Bozu's help, he keeps the rains away.

actually I made this teru teru bozu last week, but the face had a creepy smile (maybe because I made it right after I made Pocong).  So I reconstructed the face last night.  He looked better right now :)

2011 is the Komodo's year

I made a post about Komodo last year, how I wished that Komodo Island become one of the New7Wonders.
Few days ago, it was announced that Komodo Island finally become one of the New7wonders (nature category).
Right now I'm not so sure if being the new7wonder is the best thing for the Komodo and the people living at the island.
the Komodo Island is really wonderful, just look at the pictures from my sister's trip.
the thing is, Indonesia is the worst country for animals especially when it's involve money.
let's hope that the government keep their promise not to damage the Komodo's habitat just because they want more money from tourism to the Island.

meanwhile, right now there's a big sport event held in Indonesia, the 2011 Sea Games.
the mascots are Komodos, I won't put their picture here, cause I hate the white Komodos, it's just silly.
I must admit that creating a friendly anthropomorphic character based on Komodo is hard, and my Komodo design might be worst than the mascot.
But no, I don't want to make amigurumi based on Modo& Modi to celebrate the event.
All the best for the athletes :)


the Komodo and the anthropomorphic Komodo

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Halloween is over, this ghost is late for the Halloween Party,
cause he can't walk like zombie, and can't fly like dracula.
He jumps, he is the famous Pocong!

 that's not blood, only part of the bricks.

as a horror movie fans I have consider making Indonesian ghost in amigurumi.
But Indonesian ghost are not cute at all especially compared to Casper.
I'm blessed cause I can't see ghosts (I'm not even sure they actually exist).
at first I didn't want to make Pocong, cause it's scary. 
But when I see how cool is my bathroom's wall now, I had too.  I mean, not everyday, you have your bathroom wall under renovation and looked like a Horror movie set :p

Pocong is the most popular Indonesian ghost.  He has been appeared in a lot horror movie, from the scary one to the silly one. And now Pocong also has twitter. well, this amigurumi is inspired by the movie based on that twitter account. I just watch the trailer recently.

Pocong itself is a dead human covered with white fabric from heads to toe, and then tied up. that's why he jumps.  it sounds silly and harmless, but believe me you don't want to meet this ghost.

Rice Cooker

I had a very unproductive week last week,
I had a stomachache due to the stress being unemployed (don't worry, the stomachache is gone now that I got a job, YAY!)

but I blamed the Rice Cooker.
that day, I chose to skip lunch because, I was bored eating rice.
like, I have been living in Indonesia for 22 years, and we eat rice every day,
"karena orang Indonesia Makan Nasi" (= cause Indonesian eat rice).

it's not considered as "having lunch/dinner" if we didn't eat rice.
in Indonesian modern living, Rice cooker is a must have tools.

You will be considered as an idiot cook, if you can't even cook some rice using rice cooker.

this tiny rice cooker were made using my new Tulip Etimo Crochet, thanks Hanna <3