Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello August!

 me :)

fix my owl cover clock, now with "eyeliners"

again, an update from my desk :p

As I wrote on the last post, I broke too many things last month.
because of those incidents, gathering more money now become on the top priority list, which could be good things, at least a big motivation for me.
that's mean I will be knitting as if I were a real spider, then designing as if I was an amoeba until I fix my netbook.
The funny thing is when bad things happen, you'll get creative.
I'm preparing a series of amigurumi (that's why it would take a long time before the next post).  Not a new thing, but it's a very special edition, special for you, and special for the person like me :p
and by the way, I just got an interesting offers. I can't wait to tell you, but I have to wait until October.  Wish me luck :)

I'll be back!!! (hopefully sooner than October, hopefully still on August)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

the ghost bird

I read a craft blog stating that Owl is a favorite object in crafting, but not for me.
Cause I think owl is just a creepy bird and I'm allergic to birds.
I love Harry Potter (movie, I don't read books) but no.... I still don't like owl.
the bahasa for Owl is "burung hantu" or ghost bird.
Owl is a symbol of wisdom, but for me owl is just a rat eater, nothing wise about it.

I never thought I would take an owl as a crafting object, but here I did.
first, cause Gondangdia Afterwork now has a mascot, an owl.
second, recently my dog caught an owl.  Fyi, my (parent's) house is nowhere near a forest but my dogs managed to caught various animal, mostly cats and rats, sometime another dog or chameleon, and the other time squirrel or weird animal like civet.

this time it's not an amigurumi, it's a clock frame.
the clock is actually a wrist watch that I modified into a cubicle clock cause I don't like wearing watch but I love seeing watch while working.

the owl hanging at the broken window.... 
you don't see the broke part?  well you can't, it's not in the frame.

that's the clock before wearing the owl costume (under the flamingo's head)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

IYC Festival 2012 at Thamrin Nine

My friend from Gondangdia Afterwork, Gazali (owner of Khaf Wooden Toys), was once again got a commission to make a placard for an annual event : Indonesian Youth Festival (IYC)
this year, he invited the whole Gondangdia Afterwork crew to join the Festival and opening a booth there.
I didn't come to the event, but some of my amigurumi and display from my cubicle shown at the booth.

Mr Gazali and the Gondangdia Afterwork booth

Specially for this event, Gazali asked me to make some costume for his Dakochan toy.
it was a fun challenge that I have to design various costume, add some personality to the dakochans while keeping the uniqueness off the dakochan's shape.

from left to right :  Dakochan girl, Dakochan bee, Dakochan Afro, Dakochan Reggae, Dakochan bandit, French Dakochan.

You could order your own dakochan with custom costume too (specially made by me), the price starts from IDR 20000.  (How about a pair of dakochans for wedding cake ?) Or you could also buy the original dakochan without clothes so you could paint it yourself.  For further information, please check Khaf's blog here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A collaboration with End's Choco

in a few days, The moslems will have a fasting month (and then the Idul Fitri, yay!)
There's a tradition to send a beautifull parcell to neighbor, family or colleagues.
this year, I'm having a collaboration with End's Choco, another member of Gondangdia Afterwork.
We'll be making some exclusive chocolate gift sets.

the chocolate gift set, a collaboration with End's Choco

the cat amigurumi basket 

in this chocolate gift set you'll find an exclusive cat amigurumi basket and a jar of chocolate.
it's exclusive, and it's available for only IDR 50000.
what's make it more exclusive is that we will only make 10 sets for the first batch.
Place the order before 26th July, then we will prepare your order then send it a week before the Idul Fitri Day.
the destination address is limited to Indonesian address only.
for more information please contact Mrs Endah Hayuning.

Jellybeans for adoption, save me from boredom!

it's time to gather some more money because, my dear netbook has been acting up since last week.
I need a new notebook or PC (or Mac) immidiatelly.
Living without TV and Air Conditioner was no big deal, but I can't live without computers.
things get worse since I am living alone, and I am broke and the payday is not coming untill next week.
so please help me :((
the android is available for adoption, to save me from boredom*. How about for IDR 300000? 
you'll get the jellybeans too.

*)I'm so desperate in fixing my netbook, that I made a new android doll for my friend in exchange of fixing the netbook. the first attempt to fix it failed, so does the second and the third. So now it's available for adoptions.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mosquitos, Spider and Roaches

as I said on the last post, today I'm having a day off because of the election day.
I could have meet my sister, or my friends, but I didn't want to take a risk being in a long line waiting for the bus ride.
so I planned to stay nearby.
it's kinda lonely spending a day off alone, but there was a lot of thing to do.
First, clean up my room and exterminate the mosquitos.
then watched The Amazing Spiderman at the theater (oh yes, lucky me, living near a theater).
then checking e-mail and found an e-mail from Travis, the winner of my knitted roaches.

I downloaded the picture with my eyes closed, just in case he send me a picture of  him with the roaches in his mouth, since he is the record holder for holding the most roaches in mouth :).
Gladly, it's not.

the knitted roaches with Travis' real roach

and by the way, here's the picture from Rudy, the other knitted roach's winner:

funny, how happy I am looking at a picture of roaches :)
afterall it's not really a lonely day for me, it's a bug day.
thanks for taking times to take and send me the pictures of the knitted roaches, you made my day :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

that Mustache

tomorrow will be an election day to pick the new Jakarta's Governor.
the old governor (who is also the candidate for this year's election), is famous for his mustache.
nothing special about the mustache, except he use that mustache in his every campaign.

I'm not an official Jakarta citizen, so I don't have to vote, it doesn't matter who will win,
Let's just hope for the best, like what the crossword book tagline: "Biarkan apa yang terjadi, Broo!" ("just let whatever will be, Bro!")
since this could be the last moment of fame of that mustache, or maybe the new beginning of another Mustache government,
how bout, crochet some mustache? maybe to celebrate the day off (due to the election day, yihaa)

"Biarkan apa yang terjadi, Broo!"

here's the pattern... you'll need to zoom it :)

mobile phone user, who can't zoom, no complaining, Bro... you get it for free...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I miss that you missed, Paul!

it's too late to write about the Euro, now that the Euro was over.
too late to write about Paul, too, that his season has passed.
but... don't you miss him?

"I don't care who's winning, I'm in Octopus heaven"

I planned to make Paul the octopus amigurumi before the German Vs Italy match, but I was busy doing something else.
Then I planned to finish the amigurumi before the Euro final match, but I didn't make it.
I went to Bandung last weekend, to see the FRI 2012, and as you see, I ended up making Paul amigurumi using that pink-gold yarns with that silvery green needle.
just so you know, before I got those yarn, I already begin making Paul amigurumi using hook and another yarn.
I rarely use fancy yarn, especially gold yarn, but now that Paul is no longer a mortal,  I think the shinning yarn would fit :).  

Paul's wearing gold and ready to Disco!!!

guilty pleasure

I don't think I'm a shopaholic, I just can't help not to buy things I like.
(it's different right?)
90% of my project use yarns from Aneka and Panda brand, and hook number 2 (or knitting needle size 2mm).
I rarely use different hook or needle, but I have a set of hooks and needles in various size, cause I want it.
I promised myself not to buy knitting tools or yarns again. but I failed.
last Saturday, I went to Indonesian knitting Festival (FRI).  I knew there would be a lot of people selling tools and yarns. and YUP, I fell in love with the green circular needle.
Yes, I already have my favorite needle at home, and the green needle size is 3, not my favorite 2 mm.
but I bought it, cause it's green.
it doesn't look like green and more like silver, but it's green, metalic green.
thankfully they don't sell pink needle in small size.
and since it's 3mm, I had to buy the yarns too so I bought pink yarn with gold accent.
it's actually the same size as my favorite aneka yarn, but what can I do? It's pink with gold!!!!

pink gold yarn, and the green (silvery-green) needle size 3 mm

anyway, I bought some bags too.  Merchandise from FRI.  I made the logo, I didn't know that they would make a bag with the logo.  

I thought the logo would looked cute on sticker or pins, but it didn't looked good on the bag :(
if only they let me design the stationery and the merchandises too :(

anyway the event was really great! I didn't participate on the event, only as a visitor (and logo designer).  see you again next year at FRI 2013 :).