Sunday, July 22, 2012

the ghost bird

I read a craft blog stating that Owl is a favorite object in crafting, but not for me.
Cause I think owl is just a creepy bird and I'm allergic to birds.
I love Harry Potter (movie, I don't read books) but no.... I still don't like owl.
the bahasa for Owl is "burung hantu" or ghost bird.
Owl is a symbol of wisdom, but for me owl is just a rat eater, nothing wise about it.

I never thought I would take an owl as a crafting object, but here I did.
first, cause Gondangdia Afterwork now has a mascot, an owl.
second, recently my dog caught an owl.  Fyi, my (parent's) house is nowhere near a forest but my dogs managed to caught various animal, mostly cats and rats, sometime another dog or chameleon, and the other time squirrel or weird animal like civet.

this time it's not an amigurumi, it's a clock frame.
the clock is actually a wrist watch that I modified into a cubicle clock cause I don't like wearing watch but I love seeing watch while working.

the owl hanging at the broken window.... 
you don't see the broke part?  well you can't, it's not in the frame.

that's the clock before wearing the owl costume (under the flamingo's head)

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