Thursday, July 19, 2012

IYC Festival 2012 at Thamrin Nine

My friend from Gondangdia Afterwork, Gazali (owner of Khaf Wooden Toys), was once again got a commission to make a placard for an annual event : Indonesian Youth Festival (IYC)
this year, he invited the whole Gondangdia Afterwork crew to join the Festival and opening a booth there.
I didn't come to the event, but some of my amigurumi and display from my cubicle shown at the booth.

Mr Gazali and the Gondangdia Afterwork booth

Specially for this event, Gazali asked me to make some costume for his Dakochan toy.
it was a fun challenge that I have to design various costume, add some personality to the dakochans while keeping the uniqueness off the dakochan's shape.

from left to right :  Dakochan girl, Dakochan bee, Dakochan Afro, Dakochan Reggae, Dakochan bandit, French Dakochan.

You could order your own dakochan with custom costume too (specially made by me), the price starts from IDR 20000.  (How about a pair of dakochans for wedding cake ?) Or you could also buy the original dakochan without clothes so you could paint it yourself.  For further information, please check Khaf's blog here.

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