Tuesday, July 10, 2012

that Mustache

tomorrow will be an election day to pick the new Jakarta's Governor.
the old governor (who is also the candidate for this year's election), is famous for his mustache.
nothing special about the mustache, except he use that mustache in his every campaign.

I'm not an official Jakarta citizen, so I don't have to vote, it doesn't matter who will win,
Let's just hope for the best, like what the crossword book tagline: "Biarkan apa yang terjadi, Broo!" ("just let whatever will be, Bro!")
since this could be the last moment of fame of that mustache, or maybe the new beginning of another Mustache government,
how bout, crochet some mustache? maybe to celebrate the day off (due to the election day, yihaa)

"Biarkan apa yang terjadi, Broo!"

here's the pattern... you'll need to zoom it :)

mobile phone user, who can't zoom, no complaining, Bro... you get it for free...

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