Friday, December 24, 2010

Rudolph the red nose reindeer

Merry Christmas!
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas :)

Made this Rudolph specially for this Xmas,
instead if shiny nose, this Rudolph has shiny teeth :p

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pigrate and the shark

before there is Pirate of Caribbean at Disneyland, there was Piraten in Batavia at Europa Park.
Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia was once called Batavia.
the funny thing is no Indonesian teacher (at least not mine) ever taught that Indonesian ancestor were pirates.

But I personally do believe Indonesian were real pirate
based on the Pirate speak from yarr,
it is mentioned:

If it be helpin', start yer sentence wi' a "Arr, me hearty," in a deep, throaty voice — ye'll find that the rest be comin' much easier.

Believe me, Indonesian really love to say "Arr" here and there, especially when they heard someone who can't pronounce "Arr" correctly.
somehow Indonesian spell the letter "R" differently.

you don't believe me?
try read this out loud to Indonesian:

"Ular besar melingkar-lingkar di pagar pak Umar"

(translation: the big snake crawling at Mr Umar's fences)
and see how they react to your "R"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday Giveaway!

it's my birthday today!

Oh I wanna be like Oprah, sharing a lot of gift to the audiences,
but you know, I'm not a rich person.

If I could, I would give you an android phone, but for now,
I share you a free Android dolls pattern, so every of you could have an android (doll) :)

the android doll

click to enlarge, right click to save the image

Don't know how to crochet or knit?
don't worry, right now I'm preparing ONE FREE ANDROID DOLL for one lucky winner.
Indonesian or International participant may enter this giveaway, as long as you have a real address in Earth

here's the android doll I made specially for the giveaway, it's hand knitted

follow my blog, if you have twitter, please share link to this post with... bla bla bla.....
No, Just kidding, you don't have to follow me/ my blog.
just leave a comment under this post, write a Happy Birthday message for me, or Merry Christmas or Happy New Year, or share some idea for my next dolls, or just write about your favorite doll from zpiderdzigh before December 31st.
I will announce the winner at January 2nd 2011.
leave an e-mail address so I could contact you if you win :)

I will choose the lucky winner based on your comment, I definitely will read it one by one.

PS: I love android, and wish to have an android phone someday, I knew it's not my right to sell the android doll, I spent more than I could get to make this android doll, just for fun, please don't sue me :p

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mon from An & Mon

as promised, I made Mon too from An & Mon :)

They were fun to made, both the animation and the dolls,
I'm thinking of making another project with them again someday.

by the way, finally An's picture successfully submitted at craftgawker

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Penelope and the Daisies

Penelope is a piglet,
Who said a piglet can't be pretty like a lady?

My Mom recently bought some Daisies.
Daisies are my favorite flower, firstly because their name are similar to mine,
and secondly because they don't have fragrance or bright colors
they are simple but pretty
I think most girls are like daisies, they don't have to be roses to be pretty,
like this Penelope

Monday, November 29, 2010

Upik goes to Depok

got this picture from Indra

Indra has adopted Upik, and now Upik "happily" stays at Depok.
well maybe Upik would need some time to get along with Indra :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Birthday Frog

Yesterday was my sister's birthday,
she asked for a big frog amigurumi based on this frog from Amigurumi girl's pattern
I want to make something special or should I say to make it more difficult for me (stupid me!),
instead of using sport yarn to make an easy, quick and big frog, I used fingering yarn.
So I took about 3 weeks to finish the frog.
I improvised a little bit on the foots and hands part to make it more like frog.
I don't know how many finger a frog has, I only made 4 fingers for every hand and 3 fingers for every foot.

Severine and her birthday frog

the frog

Friday, November 26, 2010


lately, I'm thinking of what will I be in the next 10 or 20 years.
one thing for sure, I will never become a cat lady.
But I might become a knitted-cat lady,

or to be exact a knitted-pig-cat lady

 I share the pattern (click read more), so I wouldn't be the only knitted-pig-cat lady :P
oh by the way, Happy Thanksgiving :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanks, An!

if you ever wondered, why this month's posts are so unscheduled,
well, I hope An would explain it
I've been busy taking care of this little guy.

yup, it's my new hobby, making DIY miniatures 

and this is An
and this is An with the trophy we won together :)

No, not a miniature contest, but an animation contest.
An is one of the character from the animation.
I haven't got a time to make the other guy, Mon,
but surely would make Mon too.

by the way, for my friend who have her birthday today,
Happy birthday, the pattern I promised to share will be posted here later :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Android invasion

I might be the last person on earth who could explain Android correctly, but...
who doesn't want an Android?

as always.. I have no right to sell of distribute this item ,only made it for me.. since I can't afford a real one :p

Monday, November 15, 2010

15% discount!

I haven't got a chance to take a part on offline bazaar this year,
I even missed the Pasar Seni 2010,
an annual event, dedicated for art and craft, held by my alma mater.
well, I'm not ready for an offline bazaar, but I think I'm ready for an online craft festival.
so.. check it out!
there would be 15% discount!

unfortunately it's seems like to be restricted to Rupiah transaction only :(

Saturday, November 13, 2010

chit chat session

Not sharing dolls' pictures this week :(
Blame my sister, she's the one asking for a big frog :P

November is a busy month,
the end of the year is nearby.

For example, there will be Idul Adha (an Islamic Holiday), my friends wedding and an event at Jakarta, all are in the next week, while I still have to work too -_-"

in the other news, I will be participating on an online bazaar
there will be some discounts :)
will update about this later

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November is for ribbit!

There was once when both my sister and brother called as frogs.
My brother because his hair was green
and My sister because she love green and frogs.
Since then, I like to draw frogs for them, then making animations about frogs too.
And now, frog has been my favorite object to crochet/ knit too.
check it out here, here, and here

and last week I made a knitted frog too.

and since it is November, it's raining a lot, and it's my sister's birthday,
who knows there will be more frogs :P
err... My sister knew, since she asked me to make her a frog-gurumi.
well, let's see :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin or Orange?

Happy Halloween!
again, there's no Halloween here :(
basically I spend my Halloween at home, watching DVDs and crocheting.

Today, I made a Pumpkin boy, at least it was meant to be a pumpkin, but it ended up as an orange boy.

Hey, Des, stop watching DVDs, let's do trick or treats!

Maybe I used the wrong tone of orange, cause I don't remember how the real pumpkins are :p
Now I get it why there's no Halloween!
because there's not enough pumpkin to carved.
it just not a common food here.

 well there's no Halloween, but I could play some tricks here >:)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Orangutanku #9: Budi

If you learn to write and read in Bahasa, the first sentences you'll learn would be:
ini Budi
ini ibu Budi
(translation: this is Budi, This is Budi's Mom)

ini Ya Budi

Budi is a common name in Indonesia, at least 10-20 years ago.
Now, Budi is a rare (antique) name, since Indonesian parents love to give unique names, mostly western name with wrong spelling.
since there is basically no rules on giving family name, you could name your kids whatever you like.
You like Star Wars, you could name your kid Darth Vader, seriously.

accidentally, this month themes beside Dad's birthday and Halloween there is also yellow theme.
I made yellow chicken, yellow orangutan, and a yellow....

Ya Budi suka pisang

the banana was made using a pattern from a book.
it's weird working using someone's pattern, it less fun than free styling :p

Oh, almost forgotten,
Budi is available for adoption for 90000 IDR :)
as usual 10% gained from the adoption would be saved for the Orangutanku Project.

The banana and the shipment cost not included
the special offers is still available ;)

just in case you are curious, Budi suka pisang means Budi likes Banana.

UPDATE October 27 2010 : Budi is sold (wait a minute it sounded bad, but yes He is sold)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Knitting a bear (pattern or guide or just some clues)

As promised, here's a pattern or something for the knitted bear
thanks, anonymous, for reminding me about this :)

warning: English is not my native language, and I'm a newbie on knitting. there would be some missing guidances on this pattern because I have some trouble in descripting the process (even my real Language won't help much).
Any kind of help or suggestion on completing the missing part would be greatly appreciated.

a set of 4 double pointed needles (size 2mm)
or a circular pointed needle (same size)
1 extra double pointed needle (just in case you'll need it)
brown and gray fingering yarn (or your favorite choice of colors)
black beads for the eyes
black sewing yarn (and sewing needle).

the pattern

Foot (make 2):

begin with 6sts in a round
rnd1:[Kfb]6 times (12sts)
rnd2:[Kfb,K1] 6 times (18sts)
rnd3-11: knit around (18sts every row)
add some stuffing

Join the foots together (really I don't know how to explain this part, please help me)

divide stiches in every foot into 2 needles. You got 2 foot and 4 needles so you have 9 sts in every needles. (this is when you need an extra needle to knit)

continue as if the foots are one big round part.

rnd12: knit around (18 sts every foot, so you'll get 36 sts after joining both foots)
rnd13:[Kfb,K5] 6 times (42sts)
rnd14:[Kfb,K6] 6 times (48sts)
rnd15:[Kfb,K7] 6 times (54sts)
rnd16:[Kfb,K8] 6 times (60sts)
rnd17:[Kfb,K9] 6 times (66sts)
rnd18:[Kfb,K10] 6 times (72sts)
rnd19-25 :knit around (72sts)
rnd 26:[k2tog,k10] 6 times (66sts)
rnd 27-29: knit around (66sts)
rnd 30:[k2tog,k9] 6 times (60sts)
rnd 31-33: knit around (60sts)
rnd 34:[k2tog,k8] 6 times (54sts)
rnd 35-37: knit around (54sts)
rnd 38:[k2tog,k7] 6 times (48sts)
rnd 39-41: knit around (48sts)
rnd 42:[k2tog,k6] 6 times (42sts)
rnd 42-44: knit around (42sts)
add some stuffing for the big stomach
rnd 45:[k2tog,k5] 6 times (36sts)
rnd 45-51: knit around (36sts)
rnd 52:[k2tog,k4] 6 times (30sts)
rnd 53:[k2tog,k3] 6 times (24sts)
rnd 54:[k2tog,k2] 6 times (18sts)
rnd 55:[k2tog,k] 6 times (12sts)
add some stuffing for the head part
rnd 56:[k2tog] 6 times (6sts)
finish off


rnd 1:begin with 18 sts in a round
rnd 2-5: knit around [18sts]
rnd 6:[k2tog,k] 6 times (12sts)
rnd 7:[k2tog] 6 times (6sts)
finish off and add some stuffing before sewing the nose to the head

Ears (make 2):

rnd 1: begin with 9 sts in a round
rnd 2:[Kfb,K2] 3 times (12sts)
rnd 3: knit around (12sts)
rnd 4:[k2tog] 6 times (6sts)
finish off, no need to add some stuffing inside

Hands (make 2)

rnd 1: begin with 12 sts in a round
rnd 2-7:knit around (12sts)
rnd 8:[k2tog] 6 times (6sts)
finish off, add some stuffing before sewing the hands to the body.


sew parts together.
add some embroidery on the nose part as you like
add some beads for the eyes, but if it was for younger children, please consider using safety eyes or embroidered eyes.

You may add a tail on the back, using the ears pattern.
(do real bears have tails?)
Last thing, don't forget to share the picture of your knitted bear :) 
* I made this pattern at the early morning, when I haven't wash my face.. so there might be so mistake :p

Thursday, October 21, 2010

to the ranch!

recently I started to play SPP Ranch!
anybody played this game? add me as your neighbor :)
as I begin to love the cute characters, I tried to make a fan craft for this game.

Yup.. it's another Ayam (chick/hen/rooster) for this October :p
the chicken on the game is wayyy cuter than this knitted chicken.
somehow, I think my chicken is look more like a human face (with large nose and ears)
what do you think?

SPP Ranch is copyrighted by
I have no right to sell the doll at all, I only made the doll as a fan art things :p

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

petit cadeau pour mon papa poule

it's my dad birthday again!
Thankfully, he is well and happy on his 59th birthday.
He did an "hiking" trip with his students on his birthday.
this year I made an Ayamanda stamp for him, so he could mark his book collections.
I made the stamp using the instant stamp maker service, so it was an easy task.
I only need the stamp design, my own design  :)

I want to make it extra special, so I crocheted a stamp cover.
Since the last Ayamanda key chain doll now covered with ink, this year I made black rooster instead of the red one.
as always, I'm not good in making things beside dolls, but I did my best

so that you can't see how "cute" this stamp cover, I only took 1 picture of it :P

Friday, October 15, 2010

Yo Yo Dieting Cats from the Mischief Champions

Have you ever read the Mischief Champions? (check it out, believe me, you'll like it)
there are a lot of odd drawings to make you happy , as it said for the site's tag line.
it's one of my must-see-weekly web, and sometimes I read it 3 times a week :p
Months ago, Katrin Hagen, the head behind the Mischief, commissioned me to transform one of her drawings into crocheted toy.
as you see, her realistic drawing style is totally different than mine (I never really made a realistic drawings!)
She kindly chose the Yo-yo dieting , which is the most simple drawing, to be transformed to crocheted toy.

there was some sketching and prototyping process, and finally it's done :)

of course, the umbrellas were only used for the photo session, the sun here was very strong :p
it was a really fun work, maybe next time I will make another toy based on her drawings too as a fan craft.

so, do you want to have your own customized crocheted toys too?
just send me e-mail :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


October means Halloween!
the bad news is, there's no Halloween in Indonesia
well there are some places having private Halloween Party but there's no trick or treat in the neighborhood.
So, I made this frankenstein as a Halloween decor at my desk.

the sitting pose was based on Bali sitting statue, same like the purple ninja
I always wanted to make something gore but cute.
So prepare your guts :P

don't worry, parents, I'll keep this blog rated as PG

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pink Nurita

Octopus in Bahasa Indonesia is Gurita
My friend who asked me to make the blue octopus is Nurita
so let's call the knitted octopus as Nurita collection.

Since I was in the mood for knitting, I made another Nurita in pink.

Cute isn't it?

And you may have your own Nurita in your favorite colors for Rp30.000,00 (shipping cost not included)
I would need a week to make one octopus, and every octopus size is about 4-5cm


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Special offers!!

I know, it's not December yet
there's no special day, no Christmas, not even my birthday.
Just in case you don't get it, my name, Dessy, because I was born in December.

it's too early for making Christmas and Birthday wishes, but I can't wait any longer.

I want a Flickr Pro Account.
I need a Flickr Pro Account.

If I could, I would buy it by myself, but I can't :((

I write this, just in case there is anybody care to help me buy me a Flickr Pro
pretty please ;;)
it's okay if there isn't, I'll wait till December

so here's the deal for anyone who buy me a Flickr Pro account, I would make you an orangutan dolls.
You may choose the color, you want a black Orangutan? go ahead, it's up to you, I'll make it for you (even tough it's not my favorite color)

By spending 24-25 USD, you will get:
  1. a flickr pro account for me :)
  2. a customized orangutan dolls
  3. free shipping cost
  4. helping the real orangutan (I would save 5 USD for the orangutanku project)
  5. free pouch made by my Mom :)
feel free to ask me about this special offers.
Basically, I would need about 7-10 days to make you an orangutan doll, and the shipment would take about 2-4 weeks, depends on the destination.

and.. if you prefer to have any other dolls, just ask me, I might be able to make it for you.

THANKS a lot for reading :)

PS: it's totally cool if you just like to read this blog, I really appreciate it.
even tough I don't have a flickr Pro yet, I would uploading some pictures through another image hosting

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Knitted Octopus

My friend requested a small octopus doll.
She gave me a picture for the reference, a crocheted octopus doll,
and she asked for a baby blue octopus.
Blame it on my PMS, I was in the mood of using knitting needles, and somehow I don't feel like making crochet doll.
And instead grabbing a baby blue yarns I took another blue yarns.
at the time I began to knit, I was thinking of knitting something else.
but in the end I made a knitted octopus.

I took 2 days to finish it, a very much longer time than making a crocheted baby octopus, because of the small legs.
obviously, this octopus is not my friend's request, but if you like it you can have it, Gita! ;)

I'm not sure with my next weekly dolls, since I will be back to my animation project till November.
And now I'm having problem upgrading my flickr account, since  the octopus is officially the 200th picture, I can't upload new pictures for a while :(

see you soon.. hopefully sooner than November :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Flying Fox

Were I a fox, I wouldn't jump over the lazy dog, I would fly over the dogs :) 



the fox design was made a few months ago, but I just got time to realized it this week.
I don't know about the other place, you could find flying foxes almost everywhere in Indonesia.
at the forest (outbound trip), at tourist spots, and in some malls.
umm.. I'm not talking about the flying animal, it's something like this
Do people really like it?  is it really fun?
my only adrenalin sport is watching horrors, I hate scaring my self to death by something which involves higher places.

By the way, at the same time I was making this fox, the next studio where I am working for was designing a fox, a mascot for a community.
Just in case my fellow friend from that studio read this blog.  This fox is unfortunately not based nor inspired from your design.  It's purely coincidence, cool isn't it?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Orangutanku #8: Sekar

I just went back from my fun vacation to Bali.
There's a lot of places I haven't go to in Indonesia, but Bali is definitely my favorite.
I could write a loooooong story about my vacation but not in this blog :)

Before went to Bali, I made this special orangutan.
Since Bali is famous for the exotic sunny beach, I made Sekar, the shocking pink orangutan.
Sekar is a nice traveling friend :)
Put her on your bag  and she won't complain, as long as you take her to interesting places. 

Sekar waiting for the delayed plane

Kuta Beach, the perfect place to get tanned :)

Sekar prefers hanging at the Kambojas Tree, than hanging out at the club

The beaches are cool, but I don't mind swimming at the lotus pool

Sekar available for adoption for 170000 IDR
15% gained from the adoption will be saved for the OrangUtanku Project
(Updated December 22, 2011 : Sekar now staying with my niece, Kiko)

PS: interested to have another orangutan doll with different color variation? just tell me :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The unfunny song: Balonku


Balonku ada lima
Rupa-rupa warnanya
Hijau, kuning kelabu, merah muda, dan biru
Meletus balon hijau DOR!
Hatiku sangat kacau
Balonku tinggal empat, kupegang erat-erat


I have five balloons
with different colors
Green, Yellow, Gray, Bright Red (Pink), Blue
The green balloon exploded, POP!
I"m so misserable
Now, I only have four balloon left
I hold them tight

Balonku is a very famous children song.
Lately there were a lot of gas cylinder explosions.
A lot of people injured, and some of them dead.
They said, the gas cylinder, which was green exploded because of the Balonku's lyric.
If only they painted the gas cylinder with different color, it wouldn't be exploded.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hibernate mode

It was a pretty messy week
Not because I was busy doing things, but because of bad planning,
or to be exact it was a bad strategy, I basically don't make plans.
I knew I didn't post a new amigurumi last week, and I should have post something more this week.
But I'm getting worse, no, I'm not sick, I'm feeling fine.
I'm just in hibernate mode.
Maybe I'm a bear

The name is Pichu, taken by my nephew's name.

Yup, it was knitted!
I was planning on sharing free pattern guide umm something, I'm not sure what would it be,
I'll think about it later after my hibernation over.

by the way, I'll be busy making design project for the next week,  and I'll be on vacation on the week after.
So I'm so sorry that I might unable to post new amigurumi for the next couple weeks :(
the bright side is, I usually get most inspirations by making unrelated projects :)
Hopefully I'll finish my design project as soon as possible then realize the inspirations

UPDATE October 24 2010:
The pattern is available here :)