Saturday, October 23, 2010

Knitting a bear (pattern or guide or just some clues)

As promised, here's a pattern or something for the knitted bear
thanks, anonymous, for reminding me about this :)

warning: English is not my native language, and I'm a newbie on knitting. there would be some missing guidances on this pattern because I have some trouble in descripting the process (even my real Language won't help much).
Any kind of help or suggestion on completing the missing part would be greatly appreciated.

a set of 4 double pointed needles (size 2mm)
or a circular pointed needle (same size)
1 extra double pointed needle (just in case you'll need it)
brown and gray fingering yarn (or your favorite choice of colors)
black beads for the eyes
black sewing yarn (and sewing needle).

the pattern

Foot (make 2):

begin with 6sts in a round
rnd1:[Kfb]6 times (12sts)
rnd2:[Kfb,K1] 6 times (18sts)
rnd3-11: knit around (18sts every row)
add some stuffing

Join the foots together (really I don't know how to explain this part, please help me)

divide stiches in every foot into 2 needles. You got 2 foot and 4 needles so you have 9 sts in every needles. (this is when you need an extra needle to knit)

continue as if the foots are one big round part.

rnd12: knit around (18 sts every foot, so you'll get 36 sts after joining both foots)
rnd13:[Kfb,K5] 6 times (42sts)
rnd14:[Kfb,K6] 6 times (48sts)
rnd15:[Kfb,K7] 6 times (54sts)
rnd16:[Kfb,K8] 6 times (60sts)
rnd17:[Kfb,K9] 6 times (66sts)
rnd18:[Kfb,K10] 6 times (72sts)
rnd19-25 :knit around (72sts)
rnd 26:[k2tog,k10] 6 times (66sts)
rnd 27-29: knit around (66sts)
rnd 30:[k2tog,k9] 6 times (60sts)
rnd 31-33: knit around (60sts)
rnd 34:[k2tog,k8] 6 times (54sts)
rnd 35-37: knit around (54sts)
rnd 38:[k2tog,k7] 6 times (48sts)
rnd 39-41: knit around (48sts)
rnd 42:[k2tog,k6] 6 times (42sts)
rnd 42-44: knit around (42sts)
add some stuffing for the big stomach
rnd 45:[k2tog,k5] 6 times (36sts)
rnd 45-51: knit around (36sts)
rnd 52:[k2tog,k4] 6 times (30sts)
rnd 53:[k2tog,k3] 6 times (24sts)
rnd 54:[k2tog,k2] 6 times (18sts)
rnd 55:[k2tog,k] 6 times (12sts)
add some stuffing for the head part
rnd 56:[k2tog] 6 times (6sts)
finish off


rnd 1:begin with 18 sts in a round
rnd 2-5: knit around [18sts]
rnd 6:[k2tog,k] 6 times (12sts)
rnd 7:[k2tog] 6 times (6sts)
finish off and add some stuffing before sewing the nose to the head

Ears (make 2):

rnd 1: begin with 9 sts in a round
rnd 2:[Kfb,K2] 3 times (12sts)
rnd 3: knit around (12sts)
rnd 4:[k2tog] 6 times (6sts)
finish off, no need to add some stuffing inside

Hands (make 2)

rnd 1: begin with 12 sts in a round
rnd 2-7:knit around (12sts)
rnd 8:[k2tog] 6 times (6sts)
finish off, add some stuffing before sewing the hands to the body.


sew parts together.
add some embroidery on the nose part as you like
add some beads for the eyes, but if it was for younger children, please consider using safety eyes or embroidered eyes.

You may add a tail on the back, using the ears pattern.
(do real bears have tails?)
Last thing, don't forget to share the picture of your knitted bear :) 
* I made this pattern at the early morning, when I haven't wash my face.. so there might be so mistake :p


  1. thank you so very much.....

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  3. So Q~ I made one and love so much.

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing the picture.
      it's really cute, I love it :)