Tuesday, October 19, 2010

petit cadeau pour mon papa poule

it's my dad birthday again!
Thankfully, he is well and happy on his 59th birthday.
He did an "hiking" trip with his students on his birthday.
this year I made an Ayamanda stamp for him, so he could mark his book collections.
I made the stamp using the instant stamp maker service, so it was an easy task.
I only need the stamp design, my own design  :)

I want to make it extra special, so I crocheted a stamp cover.
Since the last Ayamanda key chain doll now covered with ink, this year I made black rooster instead of the red one.
as always, I'm not good in making things beside dolls, but I did my best

so that you can't see how "cute" this stamp cover, I only took 1 picture of it :P


  1. As you can see I come to visit your blog to say Hello!

  2. hi Anna, thanks for visiting again :)