Monday, October 26, 2009

Twittering Bird Pattern

:::My very first pattern! YAY!:::

find the pattern here

feel free to ask if you had a problem with the pattern
and I would love to see your twittering amigurumi bird too
FYI, there is only pattern for the bird, someday I'll post the tweet bubble too
*Do not sell this pattern, or you will get diarrhea for 1 year straight*

EDIT: there's a mistake on the pattern,
for row 11-15 it should be : 1 scinc, 12 sc, 1 scdec, 1 sc dec, 12 sc, 1 scinc
I'm so sorry :( I'm still have to learn to write pattern

Friday, October 16, 2009


I made this amigurumi for my father birthday.
My Father (ayah/ayahanda in Indonesian) likes to refer himself as Papa Poule (The chicken father)
Papa Poule is a French term for a father who likes to take care of his children.
and For some reasons, my family likes to call him "Ayam" (means chicken).
One thing for sure, he is not a "chicken", he is very brave :D
I took the chicken design from some web I accidentally visited (but I don't remember the site), and re-designed it again, based on the famous chicken bowl

Thursday, October 8, 2009

tweet, my twittering bird

I made this last week, only took 4 hours to made it.
I wanted to take a photo session in a cloudy but sunny weather, 
but it seemed that the sunny weather is not yet to come, 
because now is the rainy season here.
So for now, here is my twittering bird-gurumi,
dedicated to all twitter-lover <3

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bobo the Hedgehog

Oh I really want to have a hedgehog.. a real hedgehog, but for now I have the amigurumi hedgehog. Pattern was from a Japanesse Ondori Book.

Abby has got a wig!

This is what happened if your job is making costumes for anthromorphic avatars. I can't stand not to making costumes for my animal amigurumi. And now I made a wig for my Abby

This amigurumi is one of my favorites. I spent extra time to make his wig just to make him has a more aristocratic looks. And I spent another extra time to make a teaser picture. Maybe someday I will make another project using Abby's character.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ubi the purple monster

this is officially the first amigurumi that I made without any plans.
I did make plans, but he/she doesn't look like what I have planned.
Her/His name is Ubi and Ubi attracted to purple things