Thursday, May 27, 2010

how many steps away?

Maybe I've made you bored with my "opening store" story.
So sorry, that I'm still telling the same old story.

I believe I'm getting closer to the goal.
I've done what I need to do, now what is left is none of my capacity.
all I have to do now is waiting.

Somehow it needs more luck than trying, it getting more and more like gambling.
So, please wish me luck :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Recently, I love to read Mythfits a blog comic by Justin Winslow.
The story is about Unicorn who is in love with Robot (well, just read it, you'll love it)
the characters are unique, and beside The Unicorn and the Robot, my favorite character is The Poo.
Yes, you read it right, the Poo, stinky poo.
He might be smells funny, but all He want is to be loved.

I saw many crochetted poo, and I thought that I wouldn't make something like that.
But ever since I saw "the Poo", I really want to make the amigurumi version of him.
and here it is:

I wanted to make some photo session in my front yard, but all I made are some crappy picture. (Wait I did take pictures of "Crap", right?)
My dogs were not co-operating in this photo session.
Maybe the Poo really smells funny :D

"NOO, what is that smelly things!"

My bookshelf

I got new books from Taiwan!
actually I bought it from Medan (Sumatera, Indonesia), but it was Taiwan Book.
The seller sell a lot of Taiwan Craft book, most of them are translation from Japanese Book.
But mine here are made by real Taiwan author.
Well, I can't read Chinese, but the author names are not Japanese names.
The books are similar to Japanese books, but they're using slightly different method.

What I really like is the book has cute illustrations!

By the way, I kinda collecting crochet book from everywhere I could.
From the last trip to Vietnam, I got this book.

There are 978 crochet and knit pattern, most of them are translations.

And of course, since Amigurumi was from Japan, I have a lot of Amigurumi Books from Japan.
Mostly bought from Kinokuniya, or from Indonesian who sells it.

My favorite is the one with Lion and Blue rat, I accidentally found it on a hidden 2nd hand book store. Probably the oldest Ondori Book I ever found.

I don't speak/ read Chinese, Japanese nor Vietnamese, so I was very happy when my sister bought me Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute for my birthday. Definitely my first crochet book in English. Then I found the Crobots book in the local book store, and didn't think twice to buy it, of course :D

These books both use words than diagram for the pattern

I'm Indonesian so of course I have an Indonesian Book. Found it on the 2nd hand bookstore. It's an old book, probably from early '80s. I think it was some kind of catalog made by local yarn store. The patterns inside are translations. There are some vintage toys pattern too.

Kinlon was the name of the yarn

And just in case you were wondering, which book I used for learning to crochetting.

Yup, It was a French Book. My Mom taught me to crochet by the help of this book. Even tough I was born in France, I can't read French at all. The book has a big and clear picture, so even a 6 years old can learn from it.
And at last, my love for crochetted toys is because of this book.

The 70 Animaux Rigolos is my favorite book and my treasure. I did ask my mom and my sister to make me one of the doll inside the book but they never do. 20 years later, I started to make the dolls by myself. The pattern are combination of words and diagrams. I had to ask my mom to translate it to make the doll. But after all I made it with a lot of wild guessing :D

Friday, May 7, 2010

sneak peek!

the thing is, I have canceled my participation on the bazaar.
Because I'm not ready.
I have many plans for this year, and the bazaar was not really part of my plans.
It's a difficult choice cause it's really a good chance to introduce my work.

Anyway, here's a sneak peak of Duridurirams

unlike my past amigurumis, this a set of five amigurumis
I'd like to call them the Duridurirams
By the way, I had a French "R", which makes me having trouble spelling Duridurirams :D

I made them about 2 or 3 weeks ago
can you guess who they are?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

1000! what's next?

Finally this blog stat counter has reach 1000!
YAY! thanks to all of you, it won't happen without you.
compared to other blogs, this 1000 is only a small number,
but I'm happy enough, so the next goal is to reach 5000

to celebrate this 1000, I decided to finally --take a deep breath-- start selling my amigurumis.
right now I have been making some amigurumi for my "store".
while the past amigurumi were made only for my hobbies, the new amigurumi are made specially for the store.

what's the difference?
well the hobbies-amigurumi are made to be kept, and the store amigurumi are made to be sold.
the hobbies amigurumi were made mostly without pattern, so I won't be able to make same amigurumi.
meanwhile Some of the hobbies amigurumi were made by other's pattern and some were copyrighted so I am not allowed to sell them.

just send me e-mail to if you are interested with any of my amigurumi collections.

For the store, I'll make sure that the amigurumi I'm selling is 100% my creation, by my design and my pattern.

Don't worry, opening store won't stop me from sharing free pattern. It's a promise :D

So where are the new amigurumis?
I haven't uploaded the pictures, since I'm planning to open a stand in a local bazaar.
I'm still waiting for they confirmation.
if it is okay and confirmed, it would be the launching day of my store.
wish me luck :D