Pattern For Sale

I don't  have any etsy store (I do, but it is unactive)
so if you are looking for amigurumi patterns by zpiderdzigh, you are in the right page!

for now the process is a little bit complicated, but someday I'll hire a web designer to help me designing a more simple shop.

How to buy a Pattern:
1. Send me e-mail (telling me which pattern you will buy)
2. I'll send you a paypal invoice
3. Pay it with paypal, and notify me (e-mail me again)
4. I'll check the fund transfer then I'll send you the PDF to your mail

there will be more patterns available soon!!!

knitted-crocheted cockroach Pattern
for advance knitter/ crocheter
it's unedited, written in English
read more details here

Looking for more affordable pattern, I meant free patterns? check this out :)
I will keep on sharing free patterns too

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