Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the vulture

the "dead" amigurumi on the last picture was a pig amigurumi.
I misplaced the button nose, and when I was trying to replace the button, I ended up cutting its face.
I could never throw away the broken amigurumi.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bobble cowl

I don't like knitting/ crocheting wearable things cause I'm living in a tropical zone, wearing knitted shawl or sweater would be a torture. Even for money, I don't like knitting shawl, so forget it, I won't make shawl for anyone else, not even for my boyfriend or whoever.
BUT, when I was browsing for free pattern at Lionbrand, I saw some cowls,  I thought I could give it a try.  I meant, it's not that LONG shawl, and I could use a cowl to for my trip at weekend.
I don't like bringing jacket, so a cowl would be perfect, especially to protect my golden voice :)

I "only" spent 10 hours (nonstop) making a cowl using bobble stitch.
I adapted the pattern from a Russian pattern found via Pinterest (Yes, I instantly love Pinterest!).
I pinned some other tutorials and various crochet technique too, so I think I will try making many other things in the future.

PS: Where's the amigurumi?  it's in my bag, will share it as soon as I took the picture :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tatting madness

5 years ago I started to make amigurumi when my brother was planning for his wedding,
this time I learn to tat because my sister planning for her wedding.
it's not my wedding but it's really stressful, I meant there's no more regular conversation between me and my sister or my mother, now that it's all about the wedding next year.
wedding is madness, I should be completely madly in love If I were going to get married in the future.

speaking of madness, tatting is madness, just look at the curly shape.
compared to knitting or crochet, tatting technique is a lot more complicated, it's challenging but really fun to make.
I never finished any tatting project perfectly, but I'm glad the shape I made is getting better (I guess?)

the picture is blurry, and yes it's written "celebration continues", 
it's a shopping catalog for Halloween

Tatting itself is not as popular as crochet or knitting in Indonesia, it's hard to find shop which sell the tatting shuttle.

I bought my first tatting shuttle from Runee , I think she's the first and the only Indonesian tatting artist who sell handmade tatting shuttle.  She also share some tips on her facebook page.
There are also some online store which sell the tatting shuttle from Clover or Prym but for me there's always an excuse to pick handmade product :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Burung Kakaktua

after spending few last months doing serious task, it's time to have some seriously fun amigurumi time.  Yay!!!
let's start by singing a folk song "Burung Kakaktua" (the Cacatoo).

Cacatoo in Indonesian is "Burung kakaktua", if translated would means Older Sister/brother bird.
What's unique about the bird is it can talk (imitate human speech). And don't forget its cute mohawk :)
the real one doesn't have pink cheek, tho :p

Lyric translation:

Cacatoo (bird), standing at the window.
The grandmother is old, she only got two teeth.

Tek Dung Tek Dung Tek Dung Lalala (humming)

Cacatoo bird.