Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I've been very busy on these Christmas' Eve, prepared things for tomorrow and went to Church.
No, there's no party, since my family is a multi-religion family.
Christmas is a special day, but "not that special" in my family.
New Year's eve is more a special day for my family, because every member of my family could celebrate it.
I made this picture on the December 1st, can you read what the amigurumi said?
"ho ho ho it's December"
tomorrow, I will have a vacation with my family, and when I coming back, it'll be no longer December.
So today will be the "deadline" to post this picture.
too bad it didn't work as I planned.
Yeah, you may have guessed that this is the amigurumi I made for the secret project.
so what's the secret project?
La la la... just wait, I don't even know when to reveal it.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Superpocus' Water Nagi

I'm so addicted to Superpocus!

Please blame my boss who invited me to play this game.
Since I'm still in love with this game, I make an amigurumi version of my superpocus pet,
Choo Bee Da Pap, the water nagi.

the little purple (or pink?) thing is a glum, some kind of enemy in Superpocus.
And I think they're kinda cute :D

Ice Spell! thanks to my mother's vase for this cool effect.
Don't tell her I use her vase anyway
Now, check the real picture of Choo Bee Da Pap:

Do you notice there is something wrong on the first three picture?
the real water nagi has spikes!
I didn't notice the spikes, not until I was going to upload the image.
I already got some pictures, and I had put my name on it.
I was planning on making the last photo session with the doll playing Superpocus
then I noticed there's something wrong with the head part!
So I postponed the uploading process, made some spikes, and took another photo session, with a lot of grumbles here and there.
And here is the finished amigurumi version of my water nagi.

yes it is finished.
I knew that Choo Bee Da Pap has a tail, but I'm too lazy too make it.
It's already a nightmare that I have to make a pair of ears.

by the way, Water Nagi, Glum, and Superpocus are copyrighted by Slide Inc

an unnecessary fact: the background for the photo session was my birthday present wrap.
Yes, today is my birthday :D

Saturday, December 12, 2009

lonely purple ninja

I'm always confuse when considering to use purple yarn.
I don't hate purple, I like purple.
I just can't imagine amigurumi in purple.
it is just seems weird to thinking of purple animals, while I could easily use pink, orange, or green to make a giraffe.
My sister had googling me some purple real animals, and she told me to make Barney the Dinosaurs.
No way I'm making Barney!
But I have purple yarns, and I thought I have to use it afterall.
So I used it to make a prototype for the next project.
Yes, I'm not making Barney, but I accidentally made a teletubbies !
Then I denied it and told to my self, let's pretend that I made a purple ninja not a teletubbies.
well who do you think he is?

It is said that purple is a color for singles or widows.
So I think purple is for loneliness.
I just watched "Ninja Assasin", and I think it is so lonely being a Ninja.
So it is okay to make a purple ninja amigurumi, right? (*still insisting that I made a purple Ninja, not a teletubbies)

Friday, December 4, 2009

a month without amigurumi

Due to some personal project I was working at, I was almost spent a month without making amigurumi.
I never thought that I would miss or feel bad of not making amigurumi for so long.
I had a few ideas last month, but I just couldn't make it when I wanted it.
My schedule last month are pretty messed up. I had planned on making the secret project, but I hadn't anticipated that I had to work overtime last month. And to made it worse, I got a flu too! I didn't take a day off when I had the flu, and unfortunately I couldn't take a day off last month.
At the end of the month, things were getting better. I got used to the crazy new job at the studio, and I had finished the secret project.
So I spent the last three days of November to make an amigurumi. I finished it before 12.00 pm of the last day of November. Because I thought it would be perfect to post it on December 1st. But ... But... But....
The amigurumi is connected to my secret project, I have to keep it as a secret for a while for the best moment , which I don't know how long is a "while". I miss-counted, so I have to wait to post the pictures of my newest amigurumi.
I hope it is no longer than 2 weeks :(

Monday, October 26, 2009

Twittering Bird Pattern

:::My very first pattern! YAY!:::

find the pattern here

feel free to ask if you had a problem with the pattern
and I would love to see your twittering amigurumi bird too
FYI, there is only pattern for the bird, someday I'll post the tweet bubble too
*Do not sell this pattern, or you will get diarrhea for 1 year straight*

EDIT: there's a mistake on the pattern,
for row 11-15 it should be : 1 scinc, 12 sc, 1 scdec, 1 sc dec, 12 sc, 1 scinc
I'm so sorry :( I'm still have to learn to write pattern

Friday, October 16, 2009


I made this amigurumi for my father birthday.
My Father (ayah/ayahanda in Indonesian) likes to refer himself as Papa Poule (The chicken father)
Papa Poule is a French term for a father who likes to take care of his children.
and For some reasons, my family likes to call him "Ayam" (means chicken).
One thing for sure, he is not a "chicken", he is very brave :D
I took the chicken design from some web I accidentally visited (but I don't remember the site), and re-designed it again, based on the famous chicken bowl

Thursday, October 8, 2009

tweet, my twittering bird

I made this last week, only took 4 hours to made it.
I wanted to take a photo session in a cloudy but sunny weather, 
but it seemed that the sunny weather is not yet to come, 
because now is the rainy season here.
So for now, here is my twittering bird-gurumi,
dedicated to all twitter-lover <3

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bobo the Hedgehog

Oh I really want to have a hedgehog.. a real hedgehog, but for now I have the amigurumi hedgehog. Pattern was from a Japanesse Ondori Book.

Abby has got a wig!

This is what happened if your job is making costumes for anthromorphic avatars. I can't stand not to making costumes for my animal amigurumi. And now I made a wig for my Abby

This amigurumi is one of my favorites. I spent extra time to make his wig just to make him has a more aristocratic looks. And I spent another extra time to make a teaser picture. Maybe someday I will make another project using Abby's character.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ubi the purple monster

this is officially the first amigurumi that I made without any plans.
I did make plans, but he/she doesn't look like what I have planned.
Her/His name is Ubi and Ubi attracted to purple things

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ibey Gurumi

I saw a lot of people made an amigurumi version of their pets, so i made mine

I made the amigurumi almost like what I planned, but when I almost finished,
I thought she wasn't looked like Ibey (read like Ebay).

Ibey is the dog in the right.
The zombie-looking dog.
The left dog is Kupir (read: Coo-Pear), Ibey's son.

When Ibey's young, she looked like Kupir, but she is white.
Now Ibey is really old, her eyes are blind.
Sometimes she scare me by sleeping with her eyes wide open.
despite of her look, she is a well-loved dog, and she still sharp!

So.... I change the Ibey-gurumi's eyes into gray eyes.

And I made her some clothes.
(yes, I said "no skirt", but I still made her skirt)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I've made an amigurumi based on a character in my comic strip (which one?). Now I made another character from the same comic. She's not appear on the first part on the comic, she's on the second

Monday, March 9, 2009

looking for more?

Just in case you are looking for more of my amigurumis, you may check my main blog
because I don't do a repost, so most of my former amigurumi were posted there.

Robert The Casanova

I started making this amigurumi since last December, and just finished it this March. I never thought it would take that long, because all I wanted was making a simple vicious wolf. Yes, he is a wolf, not a rat nor a rabbit. (my mom called him "lapin")

I have already made all his parts before the end of the year, but something happened just before I sewed all together.

I made a new sketch unconsciously. I sketched him in clothes! Maybe I have been driven crazy by my daily job (making hundreds costume for humanoid avatars), I can no longer stand looking at animal without their clothes. And, Damn... he looked good, so I made him the clothes. Therefore, I had to throw away his old foots but I was too lazy to redo the hands and body.

His jacket was a separate part from his body, It is removable if only his hands are not bigger in the end, then.....

I was stuck for months because of his pants!

I wanted to make him a ballooning pants (now I know, the pants are called pumpkin pants or trunk hose). I watched a lot of "guy in pumpkin pants" movies, and I did a lot of googling to get some reference in making the pants. I'm not even that serious when I was doing my real job.

And finally it's done few days ago. Well I was kinda give up, and doing another knitting project instead of trying to finish it. I even made a real vest for my sister! (something that I wouldn't even want to try unless I am desperate, well I did desperate)

I don't like the red-brown combination, because it's like my old high school uniform, but I don't like using black yarn too, so in the end I picked brown.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

About Zpiderdzigh

Lately, I am crazy about knitting and crocheting, that the knitting and crocheting part begin to dominate my main blog. So I think I need to put this part into a different blog.
I'm a designer but when I am knitting, I don't even think of any design, I'm just knitting and follow other's patterns. At first I was knitting and crocheting for spending my spare time, beside playing video games. And then I knit so I don't have to think about my future which make my headache. Now, I knit so I can be a knitted doll or crocheted doll designers.
Of course it is different than making graphic designs for my daily job. But both are fun. I haven't learn any 3D graphic software, but of course my dolls are 3 dimensional. So I think now I may add "experienced in 3D designs" in my portfolio. :D
As my another blogs, any comment will be appreciated. (as long as it is good)