Monday, March 9, 2009

Robert The Casanova

I started making this amigurumi since last December, and just finished it this March. I never thought it would take that long, because all I wanted was making a simple vicious wolf. Yes, he is a wolf, not a rat nor a rabbit. (my mom called him "lapin")

I have already made all his parts before the end of the year, but something happened just before I sewed all together.

I made a new sketch unconsciously. I sketched him in clothes! Maybe I have been driven crazy by my daily job (making hundreds costume for humanoid avatars), I can no longer stand looking at animal without their clothes. And, Damn... he looked good, so I made him the clothes. Therefore, I had to throw away his old foots but I was too lazy to redo the hands and body.

His jacket was a separate part from his body, It is removable if only his hands are not bigger in the end, then.....

I was stuck for months because of his pants!

I wanted to make him a ballooning pants (now I know, the pants are called pumpkin pants or trunk hose). I watched a lot of "guy in pumpkin pants" movies, and I did a lot of googling to get some reference in making the pants. I'm not even that serious when I was doing my real job.

And finally it's done few days ago. Well I was kinda give up, and doing another knitting project instead of trying to finish it. I even made a real vest for my sister! (something that I wouldn't even want to try unless I am desperate, well I did desperate)

I don't like the red-brown combination, because it's like my old high school uniform, but I don't like using black yarn too, so in the end I picked brown.

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