Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Cristmas and Hapy New hair

I didn't make anything Christmas this year (actually never made it)
it's silly to make snowman and the bearded Santa Claus in red suit cause it's hot in here.
I don't like gingerbread (the taste) and that candy cane, I don't want to have a toothache.
I think Indonesian need new Christmas tradition, cause there's nothing unique in Christmas in Indonesia (or I haven't find it yet).

Anyway, it's new year's eve!
Thank you, 2011 for the very challenging year.
Being unemployed for the half of 2011, then get a new job at the very last of 2011, oh that's so challenging!
I tried many things this years, from opening a booth in a bazaar, took some keyboard and vocal course (but I quit lol)
Finally bought my very first desktop with my own money.
Took a trip to Karimun island with my friends, getting sunburns.
Won an amigurumi contest and another animation contest.
Moved to Jakarta and living alone for the very first time.
Meet a  lot of new friends, and get many chances and facing many options.

So when anybody asking what to do for next year, it's hard to answer it, cause I think I need something new and more exciting.
it's a tradition to have something new for the new year.
I just start to work again I can't afford a new shoes or new clothes yet, so the easiest thing to do is to have new hair :)

so Merry Christmas and Happy New Hair!!!!

 made this doll's hair based on my new short hair and asymmetrical hair bang

 new hair, old bag, the bag is designed by @ayangcempaka from cocomomo

New books,  birthday gift from my sister :)
ah, now you can guess what's my next plan

a peek at the "Kids Learn to Knit" book by Lucinda Guy & Francois Hall
don't you thin the illustrations are to cuteeeee :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bandersnatch head guide

when I made Bandersnatch amigurumi last year, I didn't know that there are a lot of people beside me who like Bandersnatch too, and ask about my amigurumi version.
And I feel really bad that I couldn't help them, I made it too many time ago, that I don't remember the pattern,
so I can't share the pattern.
I also unable to sell it cause I only made one, and I don't have more stock of yarns to make a new one.

there's also a request for a Bandersnatch photo (and I was happy to re-took the photos)

Today I read another comment from Tonya saying now that she's learn to crochet to make her own Bandersnatch amigurumi.
So Bandersnatch fans, say thanks to Tonya cause I'm writing this guide for her, but then I guess it's not hurt to share it here, just in case anybody need it aswell.
it's not a pattern, just a guide to the head part, and sorry if it's hard to read, I have to type it quickly or I will get another back pain for typing on the floor.

right click to save the picture then ZOOM it :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Orangutanku #11 1/2 : Mini Orangutan

I recently getting older.
Got a back pain, stiff arms, and a creativity block.

Since I'm living at Jakarta, I don't read newspaper and I don't watch TV cause there's no TV and newspaper.
The internet connection is so limited in my place, I could only read some news from the newsfeed from social medias, not the most reliable source, but it's better than nothing.

I found out that recently Indonesian people started to care (more) about Orangutans, because of some bad incidents exposed.  I hope it would rise people awareness to save orangutan and you might find some more effective way to help than my Orangutanku project.

wanna save Orangutans? grab your phone/ smartphone and find your way to help them :)

Wanna Save Orangutans? Go browse the net, there's a lot of way to save them!

right now, I'm unable to make Orangutanku doll because I don't have the materials so I made a mini orangutan. Using Anna Hrahovec's tiny amigurumi technique, I knit the mini orangutan.
It took 2 days to make it, a lot much longer than usual, and a hell of back pain cause I don't have a couch to sit on while knitting, but it was nothing compared to the people at the orangutan conservatory have done.  I'm proud of them :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Key Chain

I still haven't got used to the new time zone.
Bandung and Jakarta are in the same time zone, but it feels totally different spending 24 hours in Jakarta compared to when in Bandung.
I used to have spare time at night to watch movie while making amigurumi, now I only have time to make amigurumi in the morning, just a few minute before I go to work.
so this week, I only made a key chain which is also a key.
I hope this key could open the door to creativity, cause I'm having a creativity block right now :(

Sunday, December 11, 2011

OMGrumi: Syahrini

2011 is almost over, it's too early to conclude the year,
but so far, for me this year is "sesuatu banget", or let me say it's Syahrini's year.
Syahrini is an Indonesian singer, a good one actually.

 Syahrini a.k.a Miss Sesuatu (Sesuatu = Something)

This year she gained a lot of attention because of her phrases, "sesuatu banget".
Nothing special about the phrase's meaning, but it was become a trend, everyone now saying "Alhamdulilah ya, sesuatu banget"
Alhamdulilah is an Arabic word to express gratitude , and "sesuatu banget" means really something.
More or less the phrase means, Thankfully, it is (or was) really something.

 "Alhamdulilah, ya, Sesuatu Banget" said Syahrini

Lately Syahrini become a trending topic again because of her "Jambul khatulistiwa" (Equatorial Hair bangs).  Nothing special about that hair bang, except that she wore it to welcome David Beckham and La Galaxy soccer team.  Many people mock Syahrini because of her appearance and attitude, especially because there are not many people so lucky to get a chance to meet Beckham (see the picture here)

 Syahrini, Jambul Khatulistiwa and that orange dress

anyway, I pick Syahrini as my first doll for my OMGrumi series. The series is about OMG thing, could be OMG you're so awesome, or OMG WTH are you thinking, but mostly is about celeb, real people.
Don't worry, famous people, I made this only for fame, not for money, so please don't sue me, I'll do my best to keep polite and respect you all.

 Syahrini for OMGrumi

People will forget the "sesuatu banget" phrase and the "Jambul Khatulistiwa" (and the orange dress she wore that time), but I don't think there's anyone better to represent the 2011 than Syahrini.
like I wrote, 2011 is "sesuatu banget".  it's not a bad nor a good year, 2011 is "really something".

Saturday, December 3, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Goodbye and Hello

Not really a goodbye, but definitely a Hello.

I will move to Jakarta next week, to work, not for good,
I will be back to Bandung on weekends (not every week, but Bandung is surely my home).

It could mean a big change for my life, or let's say for this blog.
I might not be able to make and post a  new amigurumi every week.
cause right now, I can't decide which yarns to bring to Jakarta or left back in Bandung.
I have a lot of tools and craft supplies which I can't bring them all to Jakarta, so for now I can't promise to keep making new amigurumi every week.

it's a difficult decision to leave Bandung, but I believe by living in Jakarta I will meet new friends, and get new ideas.
I'm not married and not looking to get married any soon, so I guess it's a perfect time to try different city.

on the other news, my amigurumi won't be available for adoption anymore because they will stay in Bandung.
so this blog back to its original purpose which is to be my personal amigurumi gallery, nothing commercial.
I'm doing this for fame but no longer for money.
Feel free to look around, leave some comments, I will love it :)

Le Chat Botte

born in France, people expect me to be able to speak French.
I moved to Indonesia when I was 4 years old, then got brainwashed by Indonesian education, so I don't remember anything about France.
it's common in Indonesia, that children learn to read and write in kindergarden or pre-school. But I didn't back then.
I barely speak Indonesian, and I think I was the only one who unable to read.
all I can remember of my early years in Indonesia were being punished by teachers and crying. Oh I hate those days.
I had to learn to speak, reading and writing in Bahasa, so my French is erased by the time.
anyway, I kept a storybook, one of my favorite book, tho I can't read it.

"Le Chat Botte" or Cat in Boots. I love the illustrations where the cat is not just plain cute but also a little bit evil and smart.
Since last week I watched "Puss in Boots", I think I need to make the amigurumi, but based on Tonny Ross' illustration.

shame on me, I failed, but this post is dedicated to the great Tonny Ross :p
as an animator, also as a knitter, I wish someday I could make characters as good as the characters he made.

Mini Frog

this one is for my sister's birthday last week.
she loves frog, and I think she needs a lucky frog charms.
I don't know if the frog will really bring luck, but I do hope my sister would be happy :)