Saturday, December 3, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Goodbye and Hello

Not really a goodbye, but definitely a Hello.

I will move to Jakarta next week, to work, not for good,
I will be back to Bandung on weekends (not every week, but Bandung is surely my home).

It could mean a big change for my life, or let's say for this blog.
I might not be able to make and post a  new amigurumi every week.
cause right now, I can't decide which yarns to bring to Jakarta or left back in Bandung.
I have a lot of tools and craft supplies which I can't bring them all to Jakarta, so for now I can't promise to keep making new amigurumi every week.

it's a difficult decision to leave Bandung, but I believe by living in Jakarta I will meet new friends, and get new ideas.
I'm not married and not looking to get married any soon, so I guess it's a perfect time to try different city.

on the other news, my amigurumi won't be available for adoption anymore because they will stay in Bandung.
so this blog back to its original purpose which is to be my personal amigurumi gallery, nothing commercial.
I'm doing this for fame but no longer for money.
Feel free to look around, leave some comments, I will love it :)


  1. semoga yang diharapkan tercapai ya.. :)

  2. waawwww....
    congrats for the Job..
    Success always and Good Luck !!!

  3. Makasih baanyak Mas Moels dan Fanny :)