Saturday, April 30, 2011

P for Panda

time for commercial break. seriously.
Did I mentioned that I have a brother too? (like I forgot about having a brother hehe)
My brother and his wife have a Pancake booth called Panda Recipe, they sell Pancakes of course :)
If you are in Bandung, please visit them at Pasteur Hyper Point's Lower Ground floor and try the pancakes.

They ask me to make some  designs, check it out at the Panda Recipe's tumblr page.
What they didn't know and didn't ask is that I designed the mascot so I could make the amigurumi version of it too.

And for this special occasion, I also modified my 3d puzzle to have Panda Recipe's theme using some graphics I made for the real booth.

 this is the 3d puzzle before
and this is after

The weird thing is that I spent more effort modifying this display, unlike when I was at the college, I made an ugly exhibition display design back then.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


The stat counter hits 7000 this morning
Yay! and all thanks to you :)

so.. how about umm....giveaway?
not now, since I'm still busy preparing for the bazaar (and working.. and doing a side project... and keep doing my alphabet series challenge)
if I were going to make a giveaway, what would it be?

Tobucil's Crafty Days

I will be participated on Tobucil's Crafty Days #5
it's an annual craft event held by Tobucil, and past Crafty Days were awesome,
hopefully this year, Crafty Days would be a lot more fun because I will be there :)

so if you want to see Zpiderdzigh's crocheted toys offline, please come and find us there.
some of the Zpiderdzigh's toys from orangutan dolls to the gigi series will be available there.

here's the tips: bring your camera! (and some money of course)

Friday, April 22, 2011


the real bahasa for camel is Unta, but sometime we spell it as Onta, or sometime Ontah
and this amigurumi I dedicated to a good friend, Ontah

Her real name was Fany, Ontah was her nick name
I don't remember why did I call her Ontah (or sometime Hatno)
maybe because of her funny way of eating, looked like a cammel.

She was very kind and pretty.
She used to refer herself as "fanysayang" (dear Fany),
I thought it was very silly, but it's true that she's our dearest friend.
She passed away last year because of Lung Cancer, while she never smoke at all.
I really hate myself for not always be there for her.
I didn't make my promise to treat her when I won the animation contest,
and I didn't make her the crocheted toys she asked me.

Her favorite color was yellow, and she love to wear white hijab and blue shirt, it's her favorite costume and everybody seems to notice that
back in the college, there were a movie about her in the white hijab and blue shirt (reacted by someone else), she hated the movie, it's a funny movie tho.
I always remember her when I saw another people wearing similar white and blue costume.
That's why I made the camel amigurumi in white, not in camel colors.
well, Fany, this amigurumi is yours, hope you like it :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blues Clues

So here's the second amigurumi I made for the winter swap.
it's a blue dog

do you remember Blues Clues? a kid's program, about a dog named Blue who likes to play hide and seek.  he likes to hiding near blue object.
no, this Blue amigurumi not based on Blues Clues, but let's consider it missing.
he is in a certain place, but the serious fact is, this Blue amigurumi is being held by custom with ridiculously unrealistic import tax.
I totally understand if he will be kept held forever, let's hope someday he'll find a new home.

the second parcel content
it's only 100 gram, the first package is 900 gram, the shipping cost is the same as the 900 gram.

look at the bright side, because of this incident, I decided to participate on an offline bazzar because opening a booth there would cost me the same as sending that blue dog to no where.
will make an official announcement about the bazaar later :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Guinea Pig

This is the amigurumi I made for Lourdes for the winter swap.
it's a guinea pig, because Lourdes wrote, she likes guinea pig.

so come on guinea pig, show what you can do, so she'll love you

(munch munch)

(munch munch)

(munch munch)

okay, the guinea pig loves to munch, please take care of it, Lourdes :)
and please don't put it near books or papers, the guinea pig love to.. err... read?

Happy Winter Everyone!!!!

first, I'm living at tropical country
second, it's April
third, it's not April Fool anymore.

Ladies and Gentlemen, finally the package I sent 3 months ago arrived!
it was called winter amigurumi swap in a FlickR group.
my swap partner is Lourdes from Argentina
since it's a half world journey, I made the amigurumi as soon as I knew my partner, then sent it right away.
Jackie Chan only took 80 days to go around the world, so I never thought it would take longer time for the package to arrive.

the parcel I sent

I was the first who send the package and ended up being the last. like OMG 3 months delay?
I asked the post office, kinda terrorizing the customer service (so sorry), but no clues.
I already gave up and sent a 2nd package through the fast and expensive shipping service, then 4 days later the 1st package arrived... WHAT?

So... thank you to the post office, I'm really sorry for being customer from hell.
and Thank you, Lourdes, for being very patient, I'm really sorry for making you waiting this long. I hope you enjoy the parcel, I pick them all specially for you :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

N is for Ninja

I made Ninja amigurumi before, the crocheted and the knitted ninja.
and for the third time, I made Ninja for my alphabet amigurumi series.
why not? I love Ninja games, I played Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi

I haven't watch any Jaka Sembung (The Warrior) movie,
but I remember it has a sequel The Warrior and The Ninja,
and I think it would be interesting to put the Ninja and Jaka Sembung in the scene together.

fyi, the ninja design is not based on the movie of course
read about the Jaka Sembung amigurumi here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

M for Munding

Munding is Sundanese for Kerbau (bull)

My father sometime call me Kerbau, because I usually have lunch before taking shower at weekend.
you know, Indonesian take a shower at least twice a day, so it's really not a common to eat breakfast/ lunch without taking a shower before, unless you are Kerbau.

Kerbau  is also a name for people who don't like to wake up early at the morning, like me.
Based on Reader Digest survey, Indonesian wake up earliest than most citizen in the world, about 5-6 AM.
Really? I wake up at 6 or 7 on weekdays, and at 8 or 9 on weekends.
But, students in Indonesia really wake up at 5-6 AM or maybe earlier, especially student at Jakarta because of that weird government' rule.

My father also like to call me Anak Kerbau (Kerbau's daughter, now who is the Kerbau).
because of my last... er middle.. errr... middle last name is "Anandani".
Which means "daughter".
But some people misspell it to "a-Nandi" or "a- Nandi-ni" or something with "Nandi",
really it happens even on my graduation ceremony
while Nandi is (again) a Kerbau, a sacred bull, which Shiva rides in Hindu mythology.

So instead of writing this post for letter M (Munding) why didn't I write it for K (Kerbau)?
because I have too many ideas for letter K, while I don't have any idea for letter M :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

it's not me, really!

I thought I was the only horror fans in my family
I was wrong, and here's the proof

those picture were taken by my sister, who claim she's not a horror fans

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kue Gem

Recently, people are crazy about old, classic and vintage stuff.
from music, mode, design to food.
anything "jadul" (old fashioned) could easily became hit.
one of the jadul food is Kue Gem.

I'm not sure what its name, I just find that name written at its label.
Kue Gem has sugar icing on its top, and that is the most memorable taste of this snack.
I'm really glad to find they still produce Kue Gem nowadays in Bandung.
I'm not into sweets, but surprisingly I still like Kue Gem.
I think it is perfect for tea time or maybe for girls' party if you don't have cupcake, it's sweet and cute, children definitely would like it.
I don't know if you could find Kue Gem in your place and I don't have the recipe for the real biscuit but I have a Kue Gem amigurumi recipe for you :)

feel free to make as much Kue Gem as you can, put it in a jar or share it with your loved one.
You may sell the kue gem amigurumi, but please don't sell the pattern, and please link back to this post not to the picture directly.

L for Lemon

the bahasa for Lemon is Lemon
there's no special reason why did I pick lemon for the theme.
I like lemon flavours
I like lemon juice, lemon squash, but I don't like lemon tea.
I like tea, black tea, green tea, and recently chrysantenum tea, but no lemon tea.
I don't know why, I just don't like the combination.
so... when live gives you lemon, do not mix it with tea ;)

Monday, April 4, 2011

K is for Ketchup or Kecap?

if you are happen to have some lunch at Indonesian Restaurant,
try asking for Ketchup.
They might give you the black "kecap" which is soy sauce, not ketchup the tomato sauce.
Kecap is the second best topping for Indonesian culinary after the chili sauce.
you will rarely find Indonesian food without kecap.
for some people, it's enough to eat only rice and kecap, or to be exact,
for some people (mostly children), they won't eat rice without kecap.
maybe it's like eating french fries without Ketchup.
But not for me, I prefer french fries with another french fries, no Ketchup please.