Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kue Gem

Recently, people are crazy about old, classic and vintage stuff.
from music, mode, design to food.
anything "jadul" (old fashioned) could easily became hit.
one of the jadul food is Kue Gem.

I'm not sure what its name, I just find that name written at its label.
Kue Gem has sugar icing on its top, and that is the most memorable taste of this snack.
I'm really glad to find they still produce Kue Gem nowadays in Bandung.
I'm not into sweets, but surprisingly I still like Kue Gem.
I think it is perfect for tea time or maybe for girls' party if you don't have cupcake, it's sweet and cute, children definitely would like it.
I don't know if you could find Kue Gem in your place and I don't have the recipe for the real biscuit but I have a Kue Gem amigurumi recipe for you :)

feel free to make as much Kue Gem as you can, put it in a jar or share it with your loved one.
You may sell the kue gem amigurumi, but please don't sell the pattern, and please link back to this post not to the picture directly.

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