Sunday, July 31, 2011

the completed Alphabet series

Finished the series last week, and here's the complete slideshow :)
it's been fun making the series, maybe I'll make new alphabet series next year

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

The Lonely Post Box

so it's Ramadhan again.
Post office used to be so busy during Ramadhan.
People used to send packages or postcards to their friends or family for the Idul Fitri (or Christmas or any other events)
Some people still do, but it's not like before the Mobile phone.
Again, I'm blaming the technology.

People no longer sending cards, since there are SMS or even tele-conference.
and the poor post box can't help feeling lonely and forgotten.

the sad post box.

it's only a suggestion, maybe it would be nice to send cards or letters this year.
don't you remember how happy you were when you received a lot of cards?

by the way, the design was based on Indonesian Post box, which I find has unique design compared to post box at different countries. it's just too bad we rarely use it nowadays.

newspaper and newsletter, no postcard or letter for me :(

Friday, July 29, 2011

Z is for Zebra

when I started this alphabet amigurumi challenge, the plan was to end it with Z for zpiderdzigh.
But I already made some spiders back then, and when I tried to make a big spider, it didn't work well.
I was still knitting the spider's leg when the electricity went out yesterday.  And I still trying to finish it after dinner.
still the spider doesn't looked any good.
I almost give up, that I thought I couldn't post anything today, till I tried to make Zebra and finished it by midnight.

Z is for Zebra.

I made it based on a quick sketch after dinner.
I give the Zebra the red eyes, because I have stock of red eyes, and thought it would be a cute accent to the black and white base.

now the alphabet series is completed, what's next?
while I'm thinking about the next series, maybe I'll make something for Lebaran/ fasting month.
so for all moslems, happy fasting :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Y is for Yeti

Y is for Yeti!

I thought it was gonna be Y fo Yoyo, but there are already too many inanimate amigurumi.
The Yeti is similar to my orangutan design, because based on wikipedia's description,
Yeti is an ape like creatures.

I just finish it last night, and I woke up planning to take a picture of Yeti with a lot of ice.
Guess what, global warming, no ice, not even in the fridge.

so... it's a Yeti in tropical island, He loves to play with fishes in the jar.

okay, that would be one more amigurumi to complete the series. I'm thinking a big one, but we'll see.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Penelope's room

I have a lot of time to waste since I'm not employed yet (nice people, Hire ME!)
instead of just making amigurumi, I tried a new hobby,
making miniatures!
it's not new, I made one last year, and I just ordered 3 pack of DIY miniature kits.
I'm a clumsy person, so it was a hard thing to do, but I actually enjoyed attaching furnitures miniatures then take the picture with my amigurumi.
like this one:

I think this set fits Penelope's girlie image :)
there were actually some accessories and dress to complete the set, but it would be hard to keep all that little pieces and set them all over everytime I took new pictures.

about the new amigurumi, I'll keep my promise, I will make them soon, as soon as I get the perfect yarn :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

X fo Xylophone

What have I done?
I didn't make anything for the past few weeks!
Now, I'm back, I really am back working out the rest 3 letter from the alphabet series.

X for Xylophone.
yup another English word, because I don't know any word in Bahasa begins with letter X.
xixixixixi? that's not even a language, it's more like written onomatopoeia for laughing,
yeah, I don't even know why they changed "h" in "hihihihi" to "x"

as you see, the parts of this xylophone is so simple and easy to make,
the reason I didn't start to make it few weeks ago was because I was too lazy to create the base.
right, the white thing under the bars, which can't be clearly seen. *sigh*

see you (hopefully) soon !

Sunday, July 10, 2011

And The Winner is (postcard/pin giveaway)

I'm back!

I haven't start playing with yarns, but I'm ready to announce the winner of the pin/ postcard giveaway.
thanks for the entry, and I really love it :D
please join my next giveaway which will be held as soon as I got a new job/project, so wish me luck :)

the winner for the pin giveaway are:
Ajeng and Mar
and the winner for the postcards are:
Printiland and Fanie

I will send you messages, so you can pick the pins and postcards :)
the rest pins and postcards will be available via this blog soon!

see you at the next post and giveaways :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation Giveaways (postcards and pins)

it's school holiday! YAY!
oh right, I'm not a student anymore, but since it's my first time ever
not being employed nor in training or school
it's Vacation time for me :D

I will be on vacation with my friends.
I won't bring a hook or needle so there will be no update for days.

while I was supposed to prepare for the vacation, I accidentally designed some pins.

Yes it was the pictures inside frames from the last post.
I designed the pictures only for the photoshoot, but later order some pins using those pictures (there are 10 pics).

it was not planed and.... I will give some as Vacation giveaway!!!

in the other hand, I also made some postcards using my amigurumi photos.
There are 24 different pictures, and I will also give some as giveaway :D

so here's the rule (please read carefully):
1. the pins giveaway only open for participant with Indonesian address only, while the postcard giveaway are for everyone (why? because the international shipment is expensive and remember I'm unemployed right now)
2. all you need to do is leave a hello comment under this post, be creative cause I will choose the winner based on the comment, and might choose extra winner because of it :)
3. please do mention your current country address, or you could simply write Indonesia or international
4. there will be two winners for the pins giveaway (each will choose and get 3 pins) and two winner for the postcard giveaway (each will choose and get 5 postcards)
5. follow me... Nah.. no need to follow me if you don't want to.
6. leave a name or e-mail address so I can announce you as the winner :D
7. the giveaway will be end at July 9th, and will be announced at July 10th 2011, Indonesian time

"Hello Dessy!-Indonesia-zuperdzigh[at]yahoo[dot]com"

that's all!

both the pins and the postcards will be available (for sale) soon.. as soon as I got time to take and upload their picture.
not now, cause I have to pack my bag for the vacation.
bye bye, see you soon!

-dessy TAB-