Thursday, July 21, 2011

Penelope's room

I have a lot of time to waste since I'm not employed yet (nice people, Hire ME!)
instead of just making amigurumi, I tried a new hobby,
making miniatures!
it's not new, I made one last year, and I just ordered 3 pack of DIY miniature kits.
I'm a clumsy person, so it was a hard thing to do, but I actually enjoyed attaching furnitures miniatures then take the picture with my amigurumi.
like this one:

I think this set fits Penelope's girlie image :)
there were actually some accessories and dress to complete the set, but it would be hard to keep all that little pieces and set them all over everytime I took new pictures.

about the new amigurumi, I'll keep my promise, I will make them soon, as soon as I get the perfect yarn :)

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