Monday, February 28, 2011

C is for Cabezilla

C is for Cabezilla
never let your guard down, you'd never knew when the Cabezilla come...
She could shot a billion scoville scales heat at once

imagine she's attacking you while screaming "Cabezilla" in pokemon style
keep hiding! She might hear you!

just like the other giant monsters, Cabezilla is actually a mutant.
a Cabe mutant who lost her family because of Human's greed.

Cabe (or Cabai) is chili in Bahasa Indonesia.
Cabe is the most important spice in Indonesian culinary.
Me?  I'm not really into hot and spicy food, but there are some that I like :p

a behind the scene pic:

the proto cabezilla, cabezilla, and the cabe rawit
do not underestimate the little green, its hotter than the red one!
I didn't use the proto cabezilla because it looked like worm than a cabe, and I don't use the cabe rawit because I don't get the realistic green color.
oh and the burned paper was actually some data for my final project on college, it was about volcanoes.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

B is for Beurit Beureum & Beurit Bodas

Hey it's zpiderdzigh's 100th post!
Thanks for reading this blog :)
oh I want to write a long speech to celebrate it but...

now it's time for the letter B!

B is for Beurit Beureum & Beurit Bodas 
(the red rat and the white rat)

it's just the second letter of the alphabet and I already cheated my own rule :P
it's not from Indonesian language but Sundanese, local language in west Java.

Beureum (red) and Bodas (white) are also the color of Indonesian flag.
Though I wasn't born in Indonesia, I'm 100% Indonesian :)


By the way, it's crazy and tiring to crochet 2 similar toys in a week, tho it's only reversed.
to be continued to the C letter... :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Winter Swap

I had Flickr account for years, but I join the groups just recently.
One of the group I love (beside weloveamigurumi of course) is the amigurumi group (so predictable me)

they held an amigurumi swap, a winter swap.
so we have to make an amigurumi for certain person and at the same time the other person  make you one too
it's like a secret santa, or "tukar kado" (gift swap).

there are certain requirement of items you have to send, but the basic rule is sending a gift as if the gift is for yourself.

it was fixed randomly, I have to send my package to -beep- (she hasn't received my package so let's keep it as secret) and I get a package from... Giulia :)

I just received the package yesterday it was from Rome, and I love everything!

the amigurumi (i haven't name it yet) is a stray dog, because I love dog, ah you should see its shoes and gloves! He's well prepare for the always summer in Indonesia.
I'm thinking of taking some picture of him in action later, you'll see :)
Giulia also send me a bear amigurumi pattern (I will try it someday), stars ( will definitely looked good for my next amigurumi photo session), a loom knitting kit, a bag in a coffee bean bag, a notebook and...

yarns, two lady bugs (my favorite), some owl and angel charm, round bells, chocolates (yum!) and BEADS!

I really love the beads, because lately I was thinking of adding beads for my amigurumis but didn't have time to look for and buy the beads, then found the beads in the packages.

Thanks a lot Giulia :) and thank for being the moderator of the swap too!!

now I'm waiting even more worried for my package for -beep- to be arrived soon.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The alphabet series: A untuk Ayam

Okay, finally it's time for the new series for 2011 (a little bit late, I know).
and it's not really a series, it's more like a challenge for myself.
I will make an alphabet amigurumi series.
Not a letter shaped amigurumi, but a weekly amigurumi based on certain letter from the alphabet.
since I'm Indonesian, I will use words from Bahasa Indonesia.

so the first is of course begins from the letter A.
the first word in my mind is Apel (Apple), very standard for every learn to read book.
the second word in my mind was Anjing (Dog), but last week I already made a dog, so I pick Ayam (chicken)
The interesting part in Bahasa, Ayam could mean chick, hen and rooster.  We don't care if it's girl or boy, a big one or the small one :p

A untuk Ayam

kinda proud of the details, though it doesn't neat :p

 yeah... I miscalculated twice before finally made the Ayam based on my sketch.

what's next for the letter B, can you guess it?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anying & Teyong's Valentine

it was started from a doodle, then come Anying and Teyong.
Anying is Anjing (dog), Teyong is Terong (eggplant). 

I made some stories of them too, hope you like it :)
sorry if it is too slapstick

Happy Valentine everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cerita si Bekantan (Bekantan's Story)

Bekantan a.k.a the proboscis monkey (Nasalis lavartus) a.k.a monyet Belanda (Dutch Monkey) a.k.a monyet Dufan (the mascot of the a theme park at Jakarta)

the Bekantan looked like a man in space suit, wearing a pair of gloves :P

it's a He, cause only the male Bekantan has a long nose

Despite its many aliases, they are kinda forgotten.
when I was working on my Orangutanku project, I found a lot of Orangutan Organization, while it's hard to find any special organization for this long-nosed monkeys.
while both Orangutan and Bekantan live in Indonesia (and also in Malaysia and some other countries)
It's hard to collect information about Bekantan, while I have at least 4 DVDs of orangutan documentary movies, some books and magazines, a real-size orangutan plushy.
My only source about Bekantan is from the internet.
Last year I read an article from (see, I can't find the article), it is said that Bekantan might be extinct in a few years :'(
I didn't even like Bekantan, I had a bad memory of being chased by the Monyet Dufan (yup, human wearing Bekantan costume), but I'd feel sorry if we just let it happen.
it's too soon to make a Bekantan project cause of lack of informations, but if you happen to know how to help, please let me know.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Noir the Rabbit

once again, Happy Chinese New Year!
since the 2011 is the Rabbit Year, of course I made a rabbit amigurumi too.
white rabbit is cute, but what we have is a Black Rabbit named Noir.

Hop Hop for the better prosperity on Rabbit Year 

The real Noir is an angora rabbit, she's living at a big bird cage.
She is actually my sister's rabbit, but she kinda neglected it, so my Mom taking care of Noir now.
Noir is having a crisis identity, cause my mom call her as "Mut" from "Marmut" (guinea pig)
I don't remember how old is Noir, I believe we have her for more than 1-2 years.
And by the way, who said that a rabbit is a quite animal?
She sometimes jumps and hops around so noisily she could wake me up!

Ah I forgot to take a picture of the Noir gurumi from the side view, you can't se her stripped sweater and her blue pants (and her tail) :p