Sunday, February 20, 2011

The alphabet series: A untuk Ayam

Okay, finally it's time for the new series for 2011 (a little bit late, I know).
and it's not really a series, it's more like a challenge for myself.
I will make an alphabet amigurumi series.
Not a letter shaped amigurumi, but a weekly amigurumi based on certain letter from the alphabet.
since I'm Indonesian, I will use words from Bahasa Indonesia.

so the first is of course begins from the letter A.
the first word in my mind is Apel (Apple), very standard for every learn to read book.
the second word in my mind was Anjing (Dog), but last week I already made a dog, so I pick Ayam (chicken)
The interesting part in Bahasa, Ayam could mean chick, hen and rooster.  We don't care if it's girl or boy, a big one or the small one :p

A untuk Ayam

kinda proud of the details, though it doesn't neat :p

 yeah... I miscalculated twice before finally made the Ayam based on my sketch.

what's next for the letter B, can you guess it?


  1. wow,.... its so cute.....
    B.. may be Bear,.. ^^

  2. thanks, Nanachan :)
    sorry it's not Bear, I cheated, maybe my alphabet won't based on real words :P

  3. it's cuteee . my lil' sister love it so much . she ask me again again again and again to get it for her . unfortunately , i don't know where i can get this thing .

  4. thanks :)
    but so sorry, it won't be available for sell until the alphabet amigurumis completed.