Monday, February 28, 2011

C is for Cabezilla

C is for Cabezilla
never let your guard down, you'd never knew when the Cabezilla come...
She could shot a billion scoville scales heat at once

imagine she's attacking you while screaming "Cabezilla" in pokemon style
keep hiding! She might hear you!

just like the other giant monsters, Cabezilla is actually a mutant.
a Cabe mutant who lost her family because of Human's greed.

Cabe (or Cabai) is chili in Bahasa Indonesia.
Cabe is the most important spice in Indonesian culinary.
Me?  I'm not really into hot and spicy food, but there are some that I like :p

a behind the scene pic:

the proto cabezilla, cabezilla, and the cabe rawit
do not underestimate the little green, its hotter than the red one!
I didn't use the proto cabezilla because it looked like worm than a cabe, and I don't use the cabe rawit because I don't get the realistic green color.
oh and the burned paper was actually some data for my final project on college, it was about volcanoes.


  1. Fantastic!

    Love this...Will make a bunch for the office... I'm serious...

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  3. wow.... *takjub*

    fotonya keren, mba....
    and red! ough... tampak pedes... *halagh*

  4. makasih :)
    ini sesi fotonya hampir bikin kebakaran beneran hehehe... (jangan bilang2 ibuku ya)