Thursday, February 24, 2011

B is for Beurit Beureum & Beurit Bodas

Hey it's zpiderdzigh's 100th post!
Thanks for reading this blog :)
oh I want to write a long speech to celebrate it but...

now it's time for the letter B!

B is for Beurit Beureum & Beurit Bodas 
(the red rat and the white rat)

it's just the second letter of the alphabet and I already cheated my own rule :P
it's not from Indonesian language but Sundanese, local language in west Java.

Beureum (red) and Bodas (white) are also the color of Indonesian flag.
Though I wasn't born in Indonesia, I'm 100% Indonesian :)


By the way, it's crazy and tiring to crochet 2 similar toys in a week, tho it's only reversed.
to be continued to the C letter... :)

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