Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm moving ... again ... maybe

I'm living in a boarding house/ homestay, and the landlord sold the house.
so I'm moving again. maybe.
They said they will let me stay till november, but who knows?
I've been complaining a lot that I can't knit in my room, but this room has been my home for the last 22 months, of course I'm sad that I have to leave my home.
before this boarding house, I have been moving from one house to another house, from France to Indonesia, from Bandung to Jakarta. it's never easy to leave a place.
Not easy because I have to pack the small stuff, throwing useless things, picking which one to bring.
I haven't get a new place, but it has been a big dilemma when I was packing the yarns.

I might not having enough space to stack my yarns in my new room, but it would be ridiculous to live far from home without knitting/ crocheting.  And I love making amigurumis, means I need various color of yarns.  so wish me luck so I can find a wide space, cozy and affordable room.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Office Group Photo

Bob the manager gathering the team and grab the camera.
"Hey, let's do a group photo"

"camera set!  1..2..3... Cheese!"

Jim from finance: "why do we take a picture with the headset, why don't we take it at the keyboard or any office things?"
Nancy the secretary : "Yeah, instead of an office, this headset make us looked like we are inside a..."

George the err..staff : "... a wrestling area?"

 the Lucha Libre who suddenly appeared: "ARE YOU READY TO RRRRRRRUMBLE?!!!"

The original plan was to make this set of amigurumis as a Harlem Shake stop motion. I made it during the Harlem Shake fever few months ago, but I never finished it because of a sudden change of schedule.  and as time goes by, the boom is over.  I have no longer want to continue this harlem shake project.
by the way I really love Lucha Libre costume, that's why it's the first thing I planed to make for the harlem shake :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hello October Octopus!

it's august by the way. I just wanna make a catchy title for my newest octopus amigurumi.  I made this octopus for my BFF, Gita, as birthday present.  Octoper (october Octopus) was supposed to be July Octopus, but I just finished it at August. since we lived at different city, I could only meet her during holiday.
I think I made octopus amigurumi several time, just like the frog amigurumi.  Maybe because both of them tasted good (?)
a photo session at the boarding house before the holiday. I can't find a better background here.

and another photo session at home, during the holiday. so green and Happy. see how different?

and this is the octoper with Gita and Me.  photo by Gita

before the holiday, I have multiple deadlines, mostly animation projects, so knitting this Octoper after hours of clicking mouse marathon was...stupid. I can't move any fingers after the last stitch. But I'm glad I could finish it right before the holiday.
thanks to @tjikini for all the caffeine during fasting month.  More deadlines means more coffee, that's the logic.
Tjikini is one of my favorite coffee shop, you should try it if you visit Jakarta. beside coffee, Tjikini also serve Sarsaparilla (the traditional "Tjap Badak" Sarsaparilla).  numerous of stranger ask me where to get Sarsaparilla in Jakarta, now you know the answer.