Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meet Hiro the Dog

So... I've been neglected my amigurumi and my blog for a while,
one of the reason is because I was making animation.
I love making animation as much as making amigurumi.
When I spent my 2012 making a lot of amigurumi while not making animation, I felt guilty.
And when I spent the last month trying making animation and not making amigurumi, I feel guilty as much.

so I kept in my mind that I would make amigurumi right after the animation done... and now...
Meet Hiro, the dog :)

the fun part of making this amigurumi is adding the rivets on the colar.  The dog need some blings :)

The visual model for Hiro is Kupir, one of my dog.  And since I have the real dog, you can have Hiro.
Yup! Yup!  I'm givingaway this Hiro amigurumi for one lucky winner, anyone can participate as long as you have a real address.  this is how:

1. Watch the animation: Hiro My Hero
2. Give a name to the character at the tree (cause I will use her/him on my next animation), write it on the comment below this post before July 13 2013.
I will choose the winner based on the unique name and I will announce the winner at July 14 on this blog.
3. that's all (of course leave an e-mail address or some way to contact you if you win this amigurumi)

thanks a lot. :*

Update 24 July: The giveaway closed!  thanks for participating, the winner is Andreas... congratulation :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Luwak's Business

if animal were doing business, I bet Luwak would be the richest animal.  This animal produce money from their excrement and it's serious money.  Human do buy coffee which were extracted from their excrement and the coffee is ridiculously expensive. it is said that kopi luwak (civet coffee) has unique and rich flavor.  it's a must try coffee for coffee lover.  (read the wikipedia)

 "wake up and smell my sh*t!"

"money don't fall from the sky, it's from my feces"

I'm having trouble designing this Luwak amigurumi because of the main color is brown with a shade of grey. There's no yarn with that shade, there are just brown or just grey.  So I pick brown cause if I make it grey it would looked more like a raccoon than a Luwak.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Laziness Disguised as Creativity Block

No new picture since.... since I remember.
And I haven't knit nor crochet since.... since I remember.

at first I was busy doing many thing else, and now I'm just lazy having a creativity block.
I have some amigurumi picture that I haven't share because there's no picture.
wait.. I meant, I have some amigurumis but I haven't share the pictures cause I haven't take the picture.
There were a pair of amigurumis, I didn't have the time to take the picture, and now they are with my sister, who now live far away from me.
and there's a set of amigurumis that I haven't finish, I will never finish the set, and I haven't took any picture of them. they are somewhere in my messy room.  I'm too lazy to find them.

okay... gotta stop writing now and get back to my sketchbook and designing some amigurumi. for real.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hi June!

almost a half of the 2013 has passed
I think I'm not as active as the past years, maybe because I'm getting older busy.
Again, I can't promise any update any soon.  My time is fully occupied by some personal project.
it's almost the fasting month for the moslems (starting July), which means I need to save money, by doing part time jobs.

During fasting month, I can't have lunch at the usual place cause it would be closed during the day which means I have to pay more for lunch.
and just forget about dinner, I also unable to buy food from the usual place cause it would be crowded.
and since it will be a holiday season in Indonesia, the prices are high.
Well of course because of the holiday, there would be a special bonus from the office.
But the worst thing is, I won't get it. Cause it's not my holiday.  I will receive my bonus at Christmas.  So it would be hard for me.