Monday, June 3, 2013

Hi June!

almost a half of the 2013 has passed
I think I'm not as active as the past years, maybe because I'm getting older busy.
Again, I can't promise any update any soon.  My time is fully occupied by some personal project.
it's almost the fasting month for the moslems (starting July), which means I need to save money, by doing part time jobs.

During fasting month, I can't have lunch at the usual place cause it would be closed during the day which means I have to pay more for lunch.
and just forget about dinner, I also unable to buy food from the usual place cause it would be crowded.
and since it will be a holiday season in Indonesia, the prices are high.
Well of course because of the holiday, there would be a special bonus from the office.
But the worst thing is, I won't get it. Cause it's not my holiday.  I will receive my bonus at Christmas.  So it would be hard for me.

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