Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meet Hiro the Dog

So... I've been neglected my amigurumi and my blog for a while,
one of the reason is because I was making animation.
I love making animation as much as making amigurumi.
When I spent my 2012 making a lot of amigurumi while not making animation, I felt guilty.
And when I spent the last month trying making animation and not making amigurumi, I feel guilty as much.

so I kept in my mind that I would make amigurumi right after the animation done... and now...
Meet Hiro, the dog :)

the fun part of making this amigurumi is adding the rivets on the colar.  The dog need some blings :)

The visual model for Hiro is Kupir, one of my dog.  And since I have the real dog, you can have Hiro.
Yup! Yup!  I'm givingaway this Hiro amigurumi for one lucky winner, anyone can participate as long as you have a real address.  this is how:

1. Watch the animation: Hiro My Hero
2. Give a name to the character at the tree (cause I will use her/him on my next animation), write it on the comment below this post before July 13 2013.
I will choose the winner based on the unique name and I will announce the winner at July 14 on this blog.
3. that's all (of course leave an e-mail address or some way to contact you if you win this amigurumi)

thanks a lot. :*

Update 24 July: The giveaway closed!  thanks for participating, the winner is Andreas... congratulation :)


  1. I prefer to give a short-simple name and I propose: "Bemz". :)

  2. Cute animation.
    Why the amigurumi Hiro is not in white color? *kepo* =))
    Maybe, "shady" is cute name for the tree.. :D
    taken from the word "teduh" in bahasa. Hihihihi

  3. hihihi.. i like ur animation desss...
    gw kasi nama ''clover the adventure''.... soalnya hiro tuh bner'' curious dog yg pengen tau segala hal, siapa tau nanti hiro bisa berpetualang jauh ga cuma di atas pohon aja.. ^^