Monday, May 13, 2013

Say Hi to Pinkong!

After I made the first big orangutan, I thought of making my own orangutan.  Well it's no longer the traditional orangutan cause it has to be Pink.
So I'm using the free yarn from @RajutanMama , I have started crochet this pink orangutan since March.
I even brought it along during my trip. From Jakarta to Solo (by Train) and then Solo to Jakarta.
then left it for a while because I'm out of yarn.

then continued finishing it again, I brought it along in my trip from Jakarta to Malang and to Jakarta again. I thought I would finish it by the time I arrived in Malang, so I can took picture with her at the Batu Secret Zoo and Prigen Safari Park but I wrong.

I brought it along to my work everyday, which was silly, cause I don't crochet/ knit during workhours.
I just brought it along wherever I go, and I tried to finish it whenever I have time to finish it.  
And I just finish it, a few hours ago while waiting for the Job interview.  Stress crocheting, you called it.

I name her Pinkong (Pink - Kingkong), cause she's not really an orangutan.  When I was working on her, people kept asking, "What orangutan? but it's Pink and Black!"

Finally, we could snap a picture of us together today :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

btw, I'm selling my amigurumis

Last week (or is it two weeks ago?) I had a vacation.
When I was going to pack my stuff, I found my bag full of amigurumis.
which was later becoming a reason why I become so lazy in updating this blog.
the other reasons are because I'm having some deadlines, and I'm currently applying for a new job.  wish me luck, so I can get back finishing my amigurumi soon ;)

Meanwhile, I didn't participate on any offline bazaar this year, so I sale the amigurumi via twitter and facebook.  so please do check my twitter: @dessytab :)