Sunday, March 3, 2013

Orangutanku #12: Mega

I've been thinking to continue my orangutanku project for time, but there are too many amigurumi project I'd like to do that I forget to continue this project.
Last January, Molly e-mailed me and asked me about Gede but in a bigger version. I thought: Good Idea!  Why not?  Orangutanku always be my favorite project to work on, and I've been wanting to make big amigurumi for a long time, so it would be a double fun project :)
So,I spent my February working on the biggest amigurumi ever.  I never counted that much stitches in a round before.  I took many pictures together with the Orangutan before I send it to Molly, so I won't miss it later.  I don't know the official name for the Big Orangutan, it's up to Molly to name it, but every orangutan needs a name, so I name it Mega, cause it is big.
in Indonesia, Mega also means Cloud, and I think a nature-themed name suits the orangutan perfectly.  and by the way, Mega also a name of Indonesian first female president.

Mega and Ginanjar

My two favorite things :)

Me, Mega and Uke
(one more picture before Mega take a long trip to Molly's place)

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