Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Book lagiiii, My Book lagiii

*it's a pun from a popular dangdut song.

TADAAAA! finally, I found my book! My first second book ever!  The first one is a comic book :p

ugly picture?  Don't worry, you'll get a half page of my picture inside this book :D

I'm the one writing this book but I didn't have the book yet.  this one on the picture is my dad's book.
oh it's a long story which began at early 2012, and I changed 3 laptop during the writing process.
it's pain in the "ass" (if you put your wallet in the back pocket of your pants).  But I'm glad it's finished.
so you know one of the reason I kinda neglected this blog for a very long time.

I just realize that it's not for a beginner since there's no basic tutorial. but you'll get some patterns (with diagram and explanation) and a lot of stories inside. it's in Bahasa Indonesia, by the way.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My iPad Case

I haven't did a crochet/ knitting project for too long.  I wanted to make an amigurumi but to refreshed my crochet skill, I'd like to try a more simple  project.
like trying some new crochet pattern.  So I browse my pinterest, looking at some pins I collected few months ago and found "larksfoot" pattern. 
and I thought making an iPad case using this pattern could be an interesting project.
the plan was to make a case full of larksfoot pattern, but later I add a face. so it's an amigurumi iPad case.

oh and by the way, it's called an iPad case, at least I designed an iPad case, but I actually have neither iPad or tablet yet. so it's actually a notebook case.
literally a notebook case :)

thanks, Lisa, for taking the pictures :p

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Book is Available Now! Perhaps

YAY! Finally, you can find my book at local bookstore (or local online bookstore). if you were lucky.

it's true I have written a crochet book. it has been published.  I never had the book. I never seen the book.  I did remember typing the whole content of the book.  and during the making, I change the laptop 3 times.  so it's the most expensive book I ever write and it's invisible.

so let's have an imaginary book giveaway :)

if you find a crochet book with my name on it (Dessy something... I don't even remember how I wrote my name in the book).  then yeah, that could be my book.