Saturday, September 14, 2013

My iPad Case

I haven't did a crochet/ knitting project for too long.  I wanted to make an amigurumi but to refreshed my crochet skill, I'd like to try a more simple  project.
like trying some new crochet pattern.  So I browse my pinterest, looking at some pins I collected few months ago and found "larksfoot" pattern. 
and I thought making an iPad case using this pattern could be an interesting project.
the plan was to make a case full of larksfoot pattern, but later I add a face. so it's an amigurumi iPad case.

oh and by the way, it's called an iPad case, at least I designed an iPad case, but I actually have neither iPad or tablet yet. so it's actually a notebook case.
literally a notebook case :)

thanks, Lisa, for taking the pictures :p

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