Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reborn Project

It's October 2016!  I've been away for way too long!
I was so busy with everything, like new work habbits, never ending "new rules", freelance project, and preparing my trip to Dok Leipzig 2016.  I almost had no time to relax since July.
Then "yesterday" happened.
I had to resign from the company I've been working for almost 5 years :(
Although I said that I wanted to resign, and I didn't really like the job, but I was so devastated that I have to quit without any plan or preparation.  It's a love-hate situations, but since there was love, even a very tiny little bit, it is really painful.
But I know it's the best for everyone. I understand.  And I am still proud for ever be a part of the company.

ANYWAY... since the moment was right, after I came home yesterday, I made the "reborn project".
Actually I had this idea for a long time, but have no time to do it.  Since I have no excuse, I made the project last night.
So I found a wind-up-chick at Sukajadi market (I think It was only one dollar, very cheap).  Since Dok Leipzig logo (or is it mascot?) is a white dove, then I reskin it into an amigurumi dove.
Of course it is anatomically wrong, the proportion is wrong, so at least let's try to make it cute.

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