Wednesday, July 28, 2010

three years

Three years ago I was graduated
Three years ago I started working
Three years ago I started to crochet again

Since I'm celebrating my third years of working, I made something related to the past project I was involved.
I was going to make crochet version of a cool dog named Petals
but it was really hard! I meant what makes a bulldog bulldog is the cheeks!
I gave up making Petals, instead finishing it, I finished an orangutan doll.
Yesterday I tried making a bulldog again, and I did it, tough it doesn't looked like the real Petals.

kinda looks like a beaver LOL

I love it's tiny tail :)
btw, that's me in the baby stroller with my brother and sister

I really miss that dog!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet TanTan

Last week I went to Taman Safari Indonesia (Indonesia's Safari Park)
I'm 25 years old, living with parents (which is normal for Indonesian),  went to my dad's office family gathering to the zoo (well, that's not normal)
I had a fun trip, except the part when there was somebody threw up at the bus' floor, Yuck!
Since it is a Safari Park, there are so many animal, but what you'll see the most are human.
I took some picture at the park, even took some picture of me with a real baby orangutan.
I'm still having trouble uploading picture through my mom's facebook.
Did I tell you, my colleagues love to make massive comments on facebook?
That's why I'd rather share the album from my mom's
anyway, meet TanTan, my personal assistant

Friday, July 23, 2010

Orangutanku #6: Upik

This orangutanku project is probably my most ambitious project I ever made.
I meant, making at least 27 dolls for adopting one real orangutan.
Upik is my 7th Orangutanku dolls.  The first orangutanku doll is not available for adoption yet, that's why this post title is Orangutanku #6 not #7.
Honestly, I'm bored of using the same pattern and the same yarns after making my 5th orangutanku dolls.
as you see Felipe has different color combination, now Upik too has another color combination.
I wanted to make her black like the gentle gorilla, but too much black yarns makes my eyes sore.
So I chose gray and black.

And, I made a little experiment, I put Upik in a cage.

She's gone mad, and show some teeth.

err... Okay She's very angry so I released her.

Nothing changed. She still mad at me.
She doesn't trust me anymore.

Lesson learned: Do not keep orangutans or any other wild creatures as domestic pets. 
They are belong to the wild, no matter how cute they are.

Upik available for adoption for IDR215000,
15% will be saved for the real orangutan adoption

Orangutanku report #1

Here's a good news, Felipe finally has a new home!
Maybe now he is trying the local beer and watching football with his new owner
I believe it's a very nice place to stay.

(image from Wikipedia)

beautiful isn't it?  Felipe is so Lucky!

by the way, as promised, 15% (IDR22500) gained from the adoption is saved for adopting real orangutan.
I need IDR600000 for adopting the real orangutan via BOS, means I need your help to adopt about 25 (or more) orangutanku dolls.
for now I have made 7, so I have to make at least 20 more orangutanku dolls... oh still a long way to go

by the way, it's not about the orangutan but check this out ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Piano Man

I love hearing radio at night, if you are in Bandung, it's 107.1 FM, the one which play lite and oldies songs.
therefor I don't know much about Lady Gaga :)
Last year, they played Billy Joel's Piano Man, and I fell in love with this song instantly.
I didn't really listen to the lyric, but right away I imagined a piano man like this:

I wanted to make an amigurumi fan art for this song ever since, but back then I had no idea to make the piano-shaped body.
 The piano's keyboard looked very awful I have to throw it away.

So.. after spending months of learning, finally  I made the amigurumi version of the Piano Man.

 "Sing us a song, you're the Piano Man!"

Thank you Billy Joel for writing this beautiful song <3

Friday, July 9, 2010

Flamingo in my garden

I love pink very much that I want a Pink Flamingo in my garden!
of course a real pink flamingo in the garden would be the biggest joke for me.
First, I'm allergic to birds' feathers
Second, I'm afraid of birds (such as swans, gooses, ducks, turkeys, chickens and flamingos)
Third, I have dogs.

So I made a Pink Flamingo in a mini garden :)
Perfect solution for me, at least this flamingo won't bite me.
I made her wings using felt, and my fingers hurt because of sewing it.

This flamingo is made specially for myself, but if you want one for your desk,
I would gladly make a new one for 20 USD (expensive, because I have to deal with my own phobia)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

OrangUtanku #5: Felipe

I cheated, this is not really an orangutan because of its colors.
Let's say Felipe is a far relative of the orangutans, and He wants to help the orangutans too.
I just finished Felipe last night during Worldcup match Brazil Vs Netherland
Before the game started, I said to my sister that I would name the Orangutan after the first player who get a red card.
My favorite teams, France and all the Asian teams have lost the game, so I was not picking any side anymore, just watching.

What the real Felipe did during the last game was silly, suicide goal and red card, and I was kinda worry about naming this orangutan after him.
But after doing some googling, I found that Felipe is a good player (come on He is from the Brazil team!), no matter how bad his reputation now, I hope he will do better in the future :)

Back to the star here, Felipe the orangutan is available for adoption for 170000 IDR
This Felipe is supporting the Orangutanku project too, so 15% from the adoption gains will be donated to the real Orangutan
If you don't like Felipe's, just give him a cuter and lovable new name once he is yours
tho I think Felipe is still a good name :)

BTW, real orangutans not always eating bananas, they eat mostly fruits even durians (yup, that stinky fruit!), and sometimes they eat insects as proteins.

UPDATE (07/07/2010):  Felipe has found his new home!!! I'll make an update later about the 15% for the real orangutan