Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet TanTan

Last week I went to Taman Safari Indonesia (Indonesia's Safari Park)
I'm 25 years old, living with parents (which is normal for Indonesian),  went to my dad's office family gathering to the zoo (well, that's not normal)
I had a fun trip, except the part when there was somebody threw up at the bus' floor, Yuck!
Since it is a Safari Park, there are so many animal, but what you'll see the most are human.
I took some picture at the park, even took some picture of me with a real baby orangutan.
I'm still having trouble uploading picture through my mom's facebook.
Did I tell you, my colleagues love to make massive comments on facebook?
That's why I'd rather share the album from my mom's
anyway, meet TanTan, my personal assistant

She is a life-sized baby orangutan plushy I bought from Taman Safari Indonesia.

TanTan voluntarily being a model for the photo shot

TanTan help me making Orangutanku dolls

TanTan help me promoting the Orangutanku adoption

By the way, the pouch is an extra for every orangutanku adoption.  Exclusively made by my mom, not TanTan :P
one more thing, TanTan is not available for adoption, she's mine

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