Wednesday, July 28, 2010

three years

Three years ago I was graduated
Three years ago I started working
Three years ago I started to crochet again

Since I'm celebrating my third years of working, I made something related to the past project I was involved.
I was going to make crochet version of a cool dog named Petals
but it was really hard! I meant what makes a bulldog bulldog is the cheeks!
I gave up making Petals, instead finishing it, I finished an orangutan doll.
Yesterday I tried making a bulldog again, and I did it, tough it doesn't looked like the real Petals.

kinda looks like a beaver LOL

I love it's tiny tail :)
btw, that's me in the baby stroller with my brother and sister

I really miss that dog!


  1. His face is so funny! I love how the teeth stand out!

  2. cute... like hamster because the teeth...
    ahhahaha.. hmm... are u create the pattern? or see the book?

  3. Thanks, lolypop :)
    I don't see any book and not really created any pattern for this dog,
    it was "free-styling" cause I don't know how to recreate it again

    btw, cute panda hat on your blog ;)

  4. Cuuuuuuuuute! I love my new POO dolls! I roll around with them in bed every night and they giggle! You improved my life and I love you for it. :)

    I put them on my blog!!!

  5. Thank you, glad you like them
    please be nice to the poos ;)

    and thanks for the blog post