Friday, July 23, 2010

Orangutanku #6: Upik

This orangutanku project is probably my most ambitious project I ever made.
I meant, making at least 27 dolls for adopting one real orangutan.
Upik is my 7th Orangutanku dolls.  The first orangutanku doll is not available for adoption yet, that's why this post title is Orangutanku #6 not #7.
Honestly, I'm bored of using the same pattern and the same yarns after making my 5th orangutanku dolls.
as you see Felipe has different color combination, now Upik too has another color combination.
I wanted to make her black like the gentle gorilla, but too much black yarns makes my eyes sore.
So I chose gray and black.

And, I made a little experiment, I put Upik in a cage.

She's gone mad, and show some teeth.

err... Okay She's very angry so I released her.

Nothing changed. She still mad at me.
She doesn't trust me anymore.

Lesson learned: Do not keep orangutans or any other wild creatures as domestic pets. 
They are belong to the wild, no matter how cute they are.

Upik available for adoption for IDR215000,
15% will be saved for the real orangutan adoption

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