Thursday, June 21, 2012

Merah, Putih & Bleu

Red and White, the flag of my country,
Blue, the color of Persib , Bandung's football team (I don't admire them, but Bandung is the city where I grew up)
Bluer, Red, and White, the place I was born.

Made as a support for Les Bleus in Euro 2012
ironically I don't have a TV and however, I can't watch the match cause the schedule is not friendly for people in Indonesian timezone.

Monday, June 18, 2012

the pretty big red rafflessia

So the Indonesian Knitting Festival (FRI) 2012 exhibition theme would be flower,
because it will be held in Bandung, the city of flower.
if you ask me, which flower presenting Bandung's flower, I don't know.
perhaps it's rose, cause every weekend you could easily meet people selling roses at the town.
to be frank, Bandung people only know a little about flowers kind, unlike my mom who is a part timer florist :p
I'm certainly sure Bandung flowers wouldn't be the rafflessia arnoldii but it's impossible not to put rafflessia  at the flower parade.
despite its smell, the flower is actually has simply pretty colors and shape, and it's one of the unique flower from Indonesia (and Malaysia too).
so I made a little amigurumi girl wearing rafflessia costume, I don't know whether she would join the parade or not cause she is very shy.

real rafflessia grew solitary as a parasite, and only bloom for 5 to 7 days before it dies.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

worldwide knit in public days

Yesterday, I bring along the neon green man so he could knit for the worldwide knit in public days.
I brought him to Galeri Nasional (National Galery), to the Raden Saleh Painting exhibition.
I didn't take a picture of him at the exhibition, cause we were too busy admiring the great work of the great painter.
while waiting for my friends to arrived, I took a picture of the neon green man in action.

knitting in public alone could be lonesome, but as you start to knit, you don't even care when people starring at you.

at the gallery's cafe, wasn't it weird, the cafe hasn't open yet at Saturday, 10 AM?

at the front of the National Gallery, it's an interesting place to take pictures, but you'll need extra sunblock.

"oops, I drop my yarn, could you bring it for me, I'm in the middle of my knitting."

my favorite picture last day is the one with the broken wall, which was actually took place at the front of my room.

okay, so those were the neon green man's knitting in public day.
so my knitting in public day project was actually a collaboration with my friend from Gondangdia Afterwork.
He is the owner of Khaf Wooden Toys, and He made a lot of adorable wooden toys.
I bought a pair of dakochan, the wooden dolls, then knit some hats for them.
an earflap hat (known as Afika's hat) and a cat hat.
I think I would make more hats for dakochan later :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Knitting Together with the Neon Green Man

there's an annual event for  knitters around the world called Worldwide Knit in Public Day (WWKIP).
Indonesian knitter also celebrate the event by doing some knitter gathering, and later made Festival Rajutan Indonesia (Indonesian Knitting Festival or FRI)

while last year the FRI theme was amigurumi, I sent some of my amigurumi to the exhibition but can't attend the event. I didn't join the WWKIP last year cause I was very shy.  This year, after training myself to knit on train, I decide to join both FRI and WWKIP.
here in Indonesia, WWKIP is the pre event for FRI.
For the WWKIP this year, together with Gondangdia Afterwork, we will present our best work at the bazzaar :)
I will not sell my amigurumi this time, but I will sell some of my amigurumi patterns in special price. the price are only IDR 5000 to 15000!!
due to my bad relationship with my printer, I only print limited stock, so better come and grab it fast!

get the exclusive pattern next to the knitting Neon Green Man, at Gondangdia Afterwork booth
Museum Tekstil Jakarta
Jalan KS Tubun no 2-4
Tanah Abang, Jakarta Timur
Sunday, June 17th
9 AM to 4 PM

if you're lucky, you'd meet me there too ;)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cockroach Makeover

some friends complaining when I uploaded a lot of cockroach amigurumi pictures earlier this year.
not really sorry, I made another one.
it's different! can you tell what's different?

If your answer is "the eyes", then you are half right.
it's moving, seriously, I'm not imagining things, the cockroach amigurumi can move on its own.
during my mission to give cheap toys make over, I found a cockroach toys. this one was not cheap actually.
unlike the rubber or plastic cockraoach I had, it's battery operated and moving everywhere.

How cool is that? (or it's just the creepy me love to play with silly toys).

the cockroach amigurumi in action