Monday, June 18, 2012

the pretty big red rafflessia

So the Indonesian Knitting Festival (FRI) 2012 exhibition theme would be flower,
because it will be held in Bandung, the city of flower.
if you ask me, which flower presenting Bandung's flower, I don't know.
perhaps it's rose, cause every weekend you could easily meet people selling roses at the town.
to be frank, Bandung people only know a little about flowers kind, unlike my mom who is a part timer florist :p
I'm certainly sure Bandung flowers wouldn't be the rafflessia arnoldii but it's impossible not to put rafflessia  at the flower parade.
despite its smell, the flower is actually has simply pretty colors and shape, and it's one of the unique flower from Indonesia (and Malaysia too).
so I made a little amigurumi girl wearing rafflessia costume, I don't know whether she would join the parade or not cause she is very shy.

real rafflessia grew solitary as a parasite, and only bloom for 5 to 7 days before it dies.

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