Sunday, June 17, 2012

worldwide knit in public days

Yesterday, I bring along the neon green man so he could knit for the worldwide knit in public days.
I brought him to Galeri Nasional (National Galery), to the Raden Saleh Painting exhibition.
I didn't take a picture of him at the exhibition, cause we were too busy admiring the great work of the great painter.
while waiting for my friends to arrived, I took a picture of the neon green man in action.

knitting in public alone could be lonesome, but as you start to knit, you don't even care when people starring at you.

at the gallery's cafe, wasn't it weird, the cafe hasn't open yet at Saturday, 10 AM?

at the front of the National Gallery, it's an interesting place to take pictures, but you'll need extra sunblock.

"oops, I drop my yarn, could you bring it for me, I'm in the middle of my knitting."

my favorite picture last day is the one with the broken wall, which was actually took place at the front of my room.

okay, so those were the neon green man's knitting in public day.
so my knitting in public day project was actually a collaboration with my friend from Gondangdia Afterwork.
He is the owner of Khaf Wooden Toys, and He made a lot of adorable wooden toys.
I bought a pair of dakochan, the wooden dolls, then knit some hats for them.
an earflap hat (known as Afika's hat) and a cat hat.
I think I would make more hats for dakochan later :)

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