Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello May!

WHAT?  time goes by in a blink!

I knit something but haven't finished it, and I wonder if I ever finish it.
why pig has 4 legs and a pair of ears?
I'm too lazy to following the same pattern for 4 times.
ah, sorry for complaining.

by the way. I'm moving!
not this site.
I'm physically moving to another town, back to Bandung! Yay!

Bandung has cooler weather, which is better for playing with yarns,
I don't know if I would really start making things cause there's a lot of things to do, like unpacking.

I started knitting/ crocheting 7 years ago because my brother was getting married,
then I stop knitting/ crocheting 2 years ago because sister was getting married.
I hope it was just a myth, so I don't really stop knitting permanently.