Sunday, May 14, 2017

MAY! I'm glad it's still 2017

And here's the story about the project, probably the boring part :)

There is a giveaway challenge on facebook and I really want the needle.  The challenge is to make knitted keychain.  The rule says it has to be cute, but I want it to be crazy or playful.

SO I started making sketches:

I need to consider my knitting skill, because unlike crocheted amigurumi, modifying the parts in knitted amigurumi is more difficult.
I thought of creating amigurumi based on meme, but there was no fun meme lately.
I also thought of making the celebgram into amigurumi version, but I don't like her nor inspired.
I did try to make a Cisewu tiger, but I unravel it because I can't do the color work. 

SO plan B: making another design which is The Niffler.
I focused on the keychain inside the pocket and thinking on how to make the pocket works, because The Niffler has a pocket, right?
(The Niffler from Fantastic Beasts)

So what happened in 36 hours are knit-knit-knit.  I did sleep for few hours, take a shower (wow I'm proud of myself), lunch, dinner, etc.  But yeah, I almost never put down my needles, till my finger bleed.  Knitting is harmless, I hurt my finger when attaching the eyes with washer.

In the end of the day, I managed to finish the amigurumi at 11:30 PM, but the deadline is postponed until a week later.
What an anticlimax :D

But I think it's nice that I didn't know it was postponed, because I would have procrastinating.  I did knit in 36 hours before the "deadline" because I have cold for days.  If I knew the deadline is another week, maybe I would not be able to make anything because next week I have a lot of things to do, including playing Fire Emblem Echoes (they said, it would be released on May 19th)

Anyway, I wonder what's happened to my brain?  why all my latest amigurumis are birds?  Platypus is a mammal, but it looks like a duck right?