Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm relaxed!

last week when I was interviewed, they ask me to show how I enjoyed knitting.
if knitting is my hobby then I have to looks more relaxed when doing it and suggest me to listen to iPod while knitting.
I don't have iPod and I don't like using earphone, so it's a greatest lie if you'll see me knitting while wearing earphone.

The only thing I could do while using earphone is sleeping.  Really, even at work.
I prefer watching TV or DVD or browsing the internet while knitting.

yes, multitasking is distracting, but that's work for me.
it's tiring but it's better than falling asleep while still holding needles, right?

I specially made the bubble speech and the TV for the interview last week. The text in the bubble text is "Masuk Tipi" ( an expression to say "I'm on TV") cause my friend told me that I should have said so when I was interviewed :p

I was kinda busy of not doing anything

Sorry for not updating the blog regularly.
I still making amigurumis,  there are a lot of unfinished amigurumis.
here's a proof that I really did making something:

I'm not a good actress, I did knit something in front of the camera I just haven't finished it yet.
it was broadcasted last week for "Matahati" on DaAiTV (local TV).
the report was about Gondangdia Afterwork, an unofficial club I made with my colleagues at the office.
crafty club after the work hour.

it's kinda weird looking at my own face on the TV screen monitor (I have no TV), and later hearing my own voice.
what the hell did I say in front of the camera, what a weird voice :p
did you watch it too? no? Lucky you :D
anyway, just in case you have a TV and you are living in Indonesia, you might see my face again soon.
stay tune!!

if you'd rather see my face and hear my voice directly, please come to the Amigurumi Nusantara Book Launching at Plasa Semanggi, December 2, at 15:00 AM.
no, I didn't write that book, but I'll be there as the host :D

Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's crochet a Purple Elephant Amigurumi!

Come join the amigurumi workshop @ Learning Lounge Plasa Semanggi, Jakarta, 17 November 2012
we'll learn the very basic of amigurumi technique together
The registration fees includes tools and materials.
you can choose to make this elephant or the cat, or you may bring another amigurumi pattern and we'll learn it together.

information and registration please contact Citraparameswari[at]yahoo[dot]com

Peribahasa: Ada Udang di Balik Batu

it's time to learn another Indonesian proverb!

"Ada udang di balik batu"
literal translation: there's prawn behind the rock
means there's something "fishy" or hidden intention behind someone's attitude.

in a Malaysian movie I recently watch, the proverb written as "Udang di sebalik batu", but I think the meaning are the same.
speaking about prawn, there's another proverb involving Prawn:

Otak + Udang

"Otak udang" (Prawn's brains) means dumb or stupid.
because prawn's brain are dirty, if you like to cook some prawn, then you know that there are a lot of crap in it's back (not really in its head, but yeah, it's dirty).

the brain part received a lot of critic because it is too clean, too white and looks more like coral.
it was very difficult to make, I spent two whole nights to made it, so I have to ignore their comments :p
it's not just brains, there's a little twist behind that brains.

it's reversible! when reversed, the brains become the rock.
so I invented a new proverb is "ada otak udang di balik batu" (there's a prawn's brain behind the rock)
it could means there's a dumb intention behind someone's attitude :p

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

oh, it's raining again!

it's not November without the rain.
this time I'm not making another frog but a baby frog or a tadpole.

my little sister love to keep tadpoles as her pet.
The bucket filled with water and frog eggs is not a pretty things to keep, but apart from that, swimming tadpoles are cute.

it's hard to take picture of them cause they always move.
this amigurumi is dedicated to my little sister who is "imut-imut kaya kecebong" (= as cute as tadpole)

I made this tadpole using glittery black cotton
I spent a very long time (months), and numerous trip using train and never finished knitting the first tadpole.
yesterday I unravel the first (unfinished tadpole), and knit it again from the beginning, and now it's done just in a few hours.
I don't know why it took a very long time to make it at the first time.

by the way,

there will be another amigurumi class at November 17, at Learning Lounge Plasa Semanggi, Jakarta.
information and registration please contact via e-mail to citraparameswari [at] yahoo [dot] com
we will learn to make the cat amigurumi, but if you have another pattern that you would like to try, just bring the pattern along :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

let the countdown begin

it's November!!!!
I'm so excited, there are only 2 month left in year 2012.
or only about a month before the doomsday if you believe so.
let's be more optimist,
instead of doing countdown for the December 21 2012,
how about doing countdown for the 20-12-2012
yup, my birthday!!!
I'll make a giveaway again, just wait and see ;)