Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Cat

 a conversation between me and a Cat.
 Me: Hi Cat, do you know what month it is?

Cat:  Hmm... Apple?
Me: (-_-!) close enough, do you mean April?
Cat: Oh right, I mean it's April

Me: Anyway, do you know what's going on this April? 
And can you please leave that apple alone?
Cat: Rrrrrr...April... I smell something fishy
Me: Poisson d'avril?  done that few days ago

Cat: no! see, there's something fishy!
Me: wow! good cat!

anyway, do you want to make your own cat-amigurumi?
Learn to make amigurumi?
There will be an amigurumi class at Plaza Semanggi's Learning Lounge at April 14 (start at10AM).
It's my first amigurumi class ever! Yay!

it's not free, but you can meet me :)
just kidding (cause it's rhyme!) it's not free but you'll get the kits and pattern, and... You'll get 10% discount from Lenny's needlecraft!!!
beginners are welcomed.

for more informations and reservation, please contact Citra.
e-mail: citraparameswari [at] yahoo [dot] com
mobile: 08129800357

UPDATE: April Cat Pattern is now available!

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