Thursday, March 31, 2011

J is for...Jaka! Jaka Sembung

Just for your information:
in Indonesia 250,000 IDR (28.75 USD) is:
enough for at least 25 meals (rice and chicken),
or my transportation cost from home-work-home for 62 days
or 12 comic books
or 3 original music CD
or to send your package to nowhere.

so what's the correlation with amigurumi?
nothing, I'm just writing unrelated topic to fit the theme:

Jaka Sembung mawa golok,
teu nyambung go*lok!

translation for the popular rhyme:
Jaka Sembung (it's a name) bring a Blade, it's out of topic (or no correlations), idiot!

tips: Read the rhyme while cutting the tomatoes!

ah, I should've give him some chest hair 

of course it's popular for informal conversation, to mock others.
Jaka Sembung itself is a fictional character,
I never read the comic or watch the movie so I don't know much about the character.
and yesterday I found this site, which makes me feel like I really have to make the amigurumi.
like, OMG it's gore! it's crappy and it's classic, How can I miss this movie?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i untuk ini/itu

Now, let me teach you the most important words in Bahasa.

special appearance by Anying and Teyong

"Ini" and "Itu"
literally "Ini" means "this", and "Itu" means that.
but in daily conversation, "ini" and "itu" could mean a lot of things.
just ask my mom.. she's an expert on ini/itu language.

Her very best example:
Mom: "ini-nya di-itu-in"
(do that to it/this)
and in this case, my mom doesn't point at anything, so it's not clear wether she want you to do the dishes, water the plant, kill the dog, or anything else.

my Dad usually ask her back: "quel itu?" (which "itu"?)
which make my Mom mad.

while me and my sisters stay quiet, which make my mom mad too :p

Sunday, March 27, 2011

H is for Homo Homini Lupus

I didn't make another Horror theme as I planned.
Horror and gore are similar, so I decided to drop the horror theme, and pick
"Homo Homini Lupus"
Man is a wolf to (his fellow) man.
somehow it was my favorite Latin phrase, and I used to repeat it again and again when I was a kid.
maybe because it was my first Latin phrase I learn from school, beside ora et labora 

no matter how close you are to your fellow man...
man is a wolf to his fellow man.
 see the other pictures here and here
to be continued to the letter "I" :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

G is for Gergaji si Gorila

G is for Gergaji si Gorila (Gorilla's Saw)
the alternate title for this theme is Gore Gorilla
as my friend said it's not Gore without blood,
so I'm really sorry, this post will need parent guidance for children.

I'm a fans of cheesy horror movie with fake blood, crappy visual effect.
I even dream of making horror movie someday :)

the zombie gorilla still haunt human for revenge, with saw in its hand
it's your fault, cutting all the trees, YOU killed the gorilla

and in fact, it's really happens. (not the undead gorilla.. but the people who kill apes)
I don't know about gorilla, but it happens to orangutan.
some people killed  the big orangutans and take their baby, sell it for money.
while other do not kill the orangutan directly, but cutting down the forest, so the orangutan couldn't live there anymore :(
by the way, another title for this theme is Go Green Gore Gorilla's Gergaji (5Gs! that's a combo)

other picture in colors here and here

Oh and the next letter is H.. for Horror! so I could make another amigurumi with blood! *evil laugh*

G is for Guguk

I love Guguk (dog, informal Bahasa)
so why didn't I pick Guguk for the letter G on my alphabet amigurumi series?

but no.. it's not a part of the alphabet series.
that would be too easy, too normal :p

it's always fun talking about dogs, at least for me
and it's really fun making a dog-amigurumi.
so it's really fun when Matt asked me to make a toy version of Taytay, his Chihuahua.
Her real name is Elizabeth Taylor.
(BTW, RIP Elizabeth Taylor, the actress, the famous lady Cleopatra)

Taytay have wings on her back :)
I made her during the "no camera- era" so.. it's blurry

Good lighting but so d*mn blur

F is for FFFFFFF

nope.. not the  'F' word
it's more like an equation, if Do=C, then F=?

"Faaaaa" to be a great singer, you need to practice your articulation!

I think it'd be fun to make all do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti but I don't have enough clay for it :(
however, fa is the focus here so, I only made that one.

different gadget, different cable, I really hate organizing those cables. How about you?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

E is for Entok

I can't wait any longer until my camera back, so this week instead using my real camera, I'm using my keychain camera (which is a real camera too).  Sorry for the delay and sorry for the blurry pictures.

so this week is for the letter E.
E for Entok.

cute? don't be fooled!
Entok is umm... I don't know what its name in English, it's not a duck, duck has long neck, while this thing has short neck and bigger body. And it taste better than duck! and note this: Entok is fierce creature. Don't look straight to its eyes, it will hunt you!
Entok & Ember (Bucket)

as I said on the last post, the clue is eternal enemy.
Entok is my Eternal Enemy.
no, I'm not exaggerating.  I'm actually the victim here.
My dad once had an entok in the backyard.
My dad keep it so one day we could eat the Entok (but never did, we "love" it alive) but...
Entok hated me very much.
Entok was really like undead in zombie movies.
Entok will hunt you, chasing you no matter what you do.
it's like a zombie scene, where you threw an axe on its head an it didn't stop chasing you.
I threw a metal bucket on it, and it still ran after me.

I was really scare of entok that I sometimes had a nightmare of Entok chasing me.
but i was really sad when Entok dead (really I didn't kill it, no matter how it hated me).

behind the scene:
My dog, Kupir, get jealous when I was taking picture of Entok.
He didn't come when I called him, but when I was taking something inside the house,
he started to bark like he was angry at something, and I found Entok laying helplessly at the ground.

and Kupir refuse to take a picture of him together with Entok :)

PS: will update the cover picture once my real camera returned, you'll see it "beautiful" eyes

Sunday, March 13, 2011

E is for...?

so sorry, no pictures yet, cause I don't have my camera right now
so I'll let you guess what is E stand for :)
the clue is Eternal Enemy

by the way,
I don't know how to write this, but my deepest condolences to Japan
all my prayers for the tsunami victim

Friday, March 4, 2011

D is for Divide et Impera

D is for Dessy of course... but that would be narcissistic
so back to basic, D is for Domba (sheep/ lamb)
my very first reason to learn making amigurumi was for to make a lot of Domba doll,
because they are cute, and I'm collecting a lot of Domba toys.
But I never made any domba before  because their curly fur are complicated.
Now since I learned a new stitch from a book, I finally tried making some Dombas

to make a little twist, I improvised the theme to be "Divide et Impera" or Divide and rule,
which in Indonesian History text book translated as "Adu Domba" (Lamb Fight)
literally, Indonesian has a traditional art called "Adu Kambing" or Sheep Fight (ram fighting).

Wolfie: Hey, Sheep, he said your football team is a loser!

Wolfie to the other sheep: That sheep said that you are a backstabber and a bigmouth! 

Wolfie: That was easy >:)

Wolfie: D is for Divide et Impera, I divide then I conquer!

There's also a proverb "Serigala Berbulu Domba", wolf in Lamb fur, which means someone with a very bad intentions, pretends to be kind and harmless.  so far, Wolfie is my favorite characters I made :)

a behind the scene nose picture:

with nose..or without nose

I knew it's anatomically wrong, my design was the noseless one, but I think it's cuter with a big nose :p
speaking of nose, I really really love Wolfie's nose, it's my first time using that nose.