Wednesday, March 23, 2011

G is for Guguk

I love Guguk (dog, informal Bahasa)
so why didn't I pick Guguk for the letter G on my alphabet amigurumi series?

but no.. it's not a part of the alphabet series.
that would be too easy, too normal :p

it's always fun talking about dogs, at least for me
and it's really fun making a dog-amigurumi.
so it's really fun when Matt asked me to make a toy version of Taytay, his Chihuahua.
Her real name is Elizabeth Taylor.
(BTW, RIP Elizabeth Taylor, the actress, the famous lady Cleopatra)

Taytay have wings on her back :)
I made her during the "no camera- era" so.. it's blurry

Good lighting but so d*mn blur

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